Catching Up with Earlyca Frederick: Miss Jaycees and More

Image of Earlyca Frederick

Earlyca Frederick

Earlyca Frederick captured the first runner up spot at this year’s Miss Jaycees Queen Show and won hearts all over in the process. A former National Carnival Queen and Miss Independence contestant, this Choiseul beauty is no stranger to pageantry. In the interview below, Earlyca (Miss Photogenic and Best in Swimwear) tells us all about her Miss Jaycees experience and more.

YO: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Earlyca: I am 21-year-old Earlyca Makeba Frederick. I am a music teacher at the Laborie Boys and Girls Primary Schools. I attended the Choiseul Secondary School and Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School A level Department with an Associate’s Degree in Literature, Sociology, and Business.

YO: How would you describe your Miss Jaycees experience?

Earlyca: If I had to sum up my experience in one word, it would be AMAZING!  After a delayed flight and arriving only to find out my luggage had not arrived on the same flight, I was still in high spirits. My presence was well received by the hosts. They were quite hospitable and understanding. The delegates were super sweet! This was my second time travelling and I felt like I had been exposed to all their cultures and developed an even greater appreciation for our diversity. The itinerary was a hectic one and along the way I grew flustered and nervous sometimes, which is not an unfamiliar feeling. It was definitely hard work! I recall distinctly our technical rehearsal day— getting home for a quick nap to rehearse from 1 to 4:30 a.m.— that was a crazy day! We were all super tired but still gave our best in the hopes of giving a good account of ourselves, our country and by extension the production team.

Amidst the hard work, some of us became soul sisters and fun we had every day. There was never a dull moment, especially when we were escorted to and from events on our designated bus by the coolest outrider ever! Up to this day we are in constant contact with each other. That’s the most beautiful thing about pageantry for me – sisters celebrating sisters.

YO: Was it anything like the National Carnival Queen Pageant?

Earlyca: In many ways, yes! During the journey to the National Carnival Queen Pageant there were eight others vying for the crown; ten delegates contested at the Jaycees International Queen Show. I knew then that I had to work hard and be consistent. I carried that same mentality over to Antigua, never underestimating any delegate for a second. I always study the competition and examine my strengths and weaknesses. That is what I believe had led me to succeed in 2018 and in my recent endeavour.

YO: What are some of the things you learned along the way?

Earlyca: Through my experience in pageantry my number one lesson has been that of consistency.It always takes you to extraordinary places you’d never expect, namely: to the crown. There are many things in pageantry that can be applied to the work force or school life as well. Consistency is one of those things. In addition, it has helped me to remain humble. Acknowledging that sometimes someone’s best may be better than yours is important and recognizing that what is more important is to come out of any trial or process a better version of yourself.

Image of Earlyca Frederick

Earlyca Frederick

YO: Was this your first regional pageant?

Earlyca: The Jaycees International Queen Show was the first time making my name on the regional stage,but I don’t intend on it being my last. The holistic experience is one that I crave more of. My ultimate goal has always been Miss Universe and in an effort to prepare holistically for the international stage, I see more regional pageants as stepping stones towards such endeavours.

YO: Was the competition tough?

Earlyca: The girls were all talented and beautiful! As a result, I had to put up a fight on the night. The nerves came but there was also an adrenalin rush. There was only one thing to do and that was to give off my best every time I made an appearance on stage.

YO: Which segment was your favourite and why?

Earlyca: The swimwear segment is always my favourite. I am always excited to show off the hardwork and effort that myself and personal trainer invest.

YO: Now that you’re done with Miss Jaycees, what’s next for you?

Earlyca: Rest and recuperation.I do teach, so I’m saving up my energy for my little ones. Going off to school to pursue my dream Law career is a definite.

YO: Take us back to the Carnival Queen Pageant—what was the experience like and how did you use your platform?

Earlyca: The Queen Show was great and certainly prepared me adequately for the regional stage. During my reign, I had the opportunity to be a mentor and chaperone to youth who aspired to be beauty queens guiding and molding in whatever way possible.

YO: Apart from pageantry, what else do you enjoy?

Earlyca: I am family oriented. I tend to enjoy the simple things like hikes, or the beach, or watching an episode of CSI. Over the years I have developed a passion for fashion, for youth advocacy and upliftment.

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