Chancy Fontenelle Talks Miss Flow Caribbean Culture

Image of Chancy Fontenelle

Chancy Fontenelle

Chancy Fontenelle made a big splash at Flow’s Miss Caribbean Culture Pageant recently. In the interview below, the former Carnival Queen tells us all about her experience and more!

YO: Tell our readers a bit about yourself.

Chancy: I am 22-year-old Chancy Fontenelle and I am currently a medical student. I enjoy all forms of art and music and I am blessed to be born and raised in beautiful St. Lucia where my proud identity was shaped and formed.

YO: You recently participated in Flow’s Miss Caribbean Culture Pageant—tell us about your experience.

Chancy: I was asked to participate in the Flow Miss Caribbean Culture Pageant by St. Lucia’s franchise holder, Mrs. Janice Dupal, just before my final exams and I had to start my preparations immediately. It was a bit difficult at that time because my daily itinerary was exhausted, however, my love for pageantry helped me to complete and send the necessary documents to enter the competition as it would take place in summer.I returned home in July and continued my training and rehearsals with Mrs. Janice Dupal. She assisted me tremendously and I am ever so grateful for her guidance, love and the passion she exuded.

YO: This was your fourth pageant?

Chancy: This pageant was my fifth. In the five that I’ve participated in, I was able to place in all except one. I have secured two crowns: National Carnival Queen and Miss Caribe (which took place in Cuba.) I captured the first runner up spot in the Queen of Gros- Islet Pageant and most recently placed in the top five at the Flow Miss Caribbean Culture Pageant.

Image of Chancy Fontenelle

Chancy Fontenelle

YO: You placed in the top five— congrats! Were you pleased with the end result?

Chancy: I was really surprised getting into the top five (the host did say “in no particular order”) and called me as the last contestant in the top five. It was nerve-wracking knowing that there was only one spot left and so many other girls were waiting to hear their names being called. It also made me realize that I had left a remarkable impression and put out an outstanding performance in each of my segments and my efforts were enough to be recognized. With all that I executed, I was indeed pleased with the results and I hope I gave a great representation of my country.

YO: What was the most memorable moment for you?

Chancy: The most memorable moment for me was the costume segment. We all had to come out on stage together dancing freely to Soca. Not only were the costumes beautiful, but they told a cultural story about each country and as a visual artist, seeing the fine details in those pieces really wowed me and fed me ideas and inspiration for my future art work.

YO: Now that you’re done with this pageant, what’s next for you?

Chancy: I am currently a medical student and that is what I am heading back to as summer closes, but there’s more: I am definitely working on new music. I have maintained good relationships with producers I have met here in St. Lucia and producers I recently met at school. I use whatever free time I can get to work closely with them despite our tight schedules. It can be tough to handle, but we always find time for the things we love. With that being said, my next project is working on releasing more of that music and hopefully collaborating with other musicians here, while I still can as I am home for the vacation break.

Image of Chancy Fontenelle

Chancy Fontenelle

YO: How have you used your platform?

Chancy: I have visited some schools in the past, explaining my experience as a student and I mentioned how the clubs I joined were avenues for me to advance myself academically and practically. My aim was to help them see the importance of these programmes and to urge them to take advantage of the opportunities they are presented with. I am the reigning Miss Caribe and I still have so much to contribute. The committee and I have made plans to continue my charitable work in Cuba and I know that it is something I will always be involved in even after my reign ends. I cannot express how in love I am with the idea that pageantry and having a platform already prepares me in my career as a future medical doctor. I can contribute my time, acquired skills,energy and compassion into saving lives in the communities I decide to serve.

Final words

Ultimately, I would like to extend my gratitude to my number one fan and my biggest support system, my mother, Dr. Malachia Fontenelle. Her presence in my life is the reason why I am so motivated and prepared to put my best foot forward in all that I do. She is a phenomenal woman and I am fortunate to have her as my role model. Kuddos Mommy! I am fortunate enough to have another role model, my aunt, Karen Fontenelle Peter and I would love to thank her for her continuous love, encouragement and support and for her huge involvement and contribution to my wardrobe.  I would also like to offer thanks to my father, Felix “Tricky” Fontenelle for his undying love and his involvement in my performances and my brother Dimitri Fontenelle for the irreplaceable brotherly love. Special thanks to my chaperone and franchise holder of the Flow Miss Caribbean Culture Queen Pageant, Mrs. Janice Dupal. Her training and support I will always treasure and remember for my future endeavours. Thank you so much for your dedication. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to my supporters and everyone else for the verbal, emotional and spiritual love I have received. Being supported by the public has moved me and this, I will always appreciate. By the grace of God, my journey definitely won’t end here and it will always be an honour to represent my island, St. Lucia.

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