Drunkuhnez… Look Di Drunkuhnez! Drama in de Looshan Session

All Tom, Dick, Harry, Barry and Marry had tings to say about people getting drunk at Live in Colour last weekend. Well now pull up a chair cuz I join di soaps too. I a little late I know iih, but di magazine coming out on a Saturday. Dat Scady fella eh…

And for the adults who like to read my column but who eh know what Live in Colour is, it’s a powder fete. Doh feel no way if you didn’t know, because when I reach your age I’ll be in the same boat.

Anyway, I know most of your’ll see the viral LNC photos and videos already.Some people were frassss like joke and pass out on the ground by the Medic tent cleannnnn. Gasa, fellas line up on the grong like dead bodies I tell you.

Now there were a lot of reactions after the vids and pics came out: who vex on Twitter, who blame event organizer, who on news, who say old people need to stay in a corner, who say alcohol shouldn’t be sold at these events and a whole setta odda tings. As for me…I was just standing in a corner observing.

Anyway time for my 2 cents cuz that’s all I have today.

First thing’s first(for people that old enough to fete and drink): if you cyah hold your liquor, doh overdo it gasa. But ting is, some of your’ll know your’ll cyah drink, but your’ll still getting drunk and mixing drinks and ting. I know everybody just want to ‘live their life’ cuz you’re ‘only young once’, but if your’ll eh watch yourselves, your’ll go be in real problems later masiay. That dialysis ting eh no joke and your kidney and liver go suffer if you eh ease up.

Now, as far as I know, LNC was targeting adults but as usual all kinda“chirren” reach there cuz you know at that age chilren just want to be in all sauce. I wanted to be so when I was in school e, but I didn’t even try cuz I knew my mother would fix my backside. Parents, I know sometimes children go lie and ting (and sometimes even when you do all your investigating they outsmarting you) but still make sure you play your role at all times. Ask questionssss… if your son say he going by Dave, call Dave mother to make sure. If you eh get Dave mother after you call a few times, or your son cyah put Dave mother on the phone when you call him, go by Dave home real quick. Chirren go hate you when you do your job (soryay!) but that eh your problem, you looking out for your chilegasa. And if you did all these fings and they still reach in the fete, make sure you fix them up later!!! Doh tolerate no kinda disrespect. And as for the adults that buying and selling rum for people children… what’s wrong with your’ll? Do better gasa!

Chilren, when they say a fete is not for you, just stay home. Stop giving people twaka. I know some people go say doh waste my time, because your’ll eh go listen, but I have to try.

Now as for those who said they shouldn’t be selling liquor where they have young people… come on nah. As long as you of age, I eh see the problem. Is not being able to control your drinking da is the problem. Yes, some minors enter the fete, but remember that fete was meant for adults, not children. What your’ll should say is that event organizers have to try their best to make sure liltikakawat eh make their way in these fetes, period!

Now my money finish, is two cents I had. Buh-bye!

By: Basic B

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