Green In Winter

When the light turns green,
I want you to remember the times-
when you and I shared a rapid interest in each other,
and how we developed the race to see who would fall deep in love the fastest.
I fancied our knot,
while others wish their love life was as splendid and pure as ours.

but then winter came early,
and the enormous gushes of cold winds froze our crossed lines-
then sooner, melted them.

and in that moment, I concluded,
that the ice was a metaphor of our story-
telling us that when we survive and rush the things we adore the most,
although we wish it didn’t,
it simply won’t last.
and what was solidified initially,
will eventually melt,
leaving you feeling blunt.

now when the light turns green,
promise me you won’t cry when you remember those times.
leave all the loneliness, hopelessness and extreme misery to me.

– Lamar Primus

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