Greetings readers!

Greetings readers! This weekend’s Slouch from the Couch is going to come from experience and situations I have been exposed to through the years. Coming out of Secondary school, especially those that individuals consider more proletariat, it feels like the stakes are already stacked up against you. I won’t lie to you, it is. You will have to fight twice as hard to be accepted into certain circles and you are going to have to battle through many wars just to get your due.

If the opening paragraph scared you, please, I encourage you to read on because it’s about to get a lot more real.  You’re a young strapping 17 or 18 year old secondary school graduate with not so good CSEC grades, but you are blessed with the talent to build some of the most amazing structures and you have just mastered the art of laying tiles. Such an asset to have together with last summer’s carpentry and masonry “qualifications”. However, the harsh reality is that as you get older and you venture into the world of work, some, if not all of you will encounter people who will discretely attempt to discredit and under value your contributions in the work place.

Such individuals hide behind the excuse that qualifications are the only reason why you’re not getting the amount you deserve. Don’t read me wrong, I am for continuing education and reaching as far and as high as you can academically. However, I won’t ever excuse an individual not paying someone what they’re worth because, academically you deem they don’t deserve it. THAT IS MAJEE!!!!

And this, young people, is the sad reality of some parts of the world that you will have to deal with as you grow older and more experience in the co-operate field. Don’t be discouraged, because these negative “neenees” are just a small fraction ofa  pool of individuals. There are people who would be more than happy to sufficiently reward good work.

To you the young people who won’t be putting on that tertiary level uniforms and have decided to enroll in the working class, put your best foot forward and make the best of every situation. Use this blueprint and I can guarantee you this, at the end of it all once you have persevered, you will be victorious.

Good luck and God bless.

Scady. P

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