Have We Grown Too Dependent On The Internet?

Have we grown too dependent on the internet to promote and advertise products for us? It’s a question that will have many of us with a quick fire answer, but, I think we should just ease up a little. First of all, those of you who will answer YES or NO,need to think carefully as to why you chose your answer. I, for one, am in limbo with this one.

There are times that I feel like we have been spoilt rotten with the ease of access and communication that the internet provides. Long gone are the days of sending letters to friends via the post; emailing has cut the time of letter arrivals considerably. What used to take two weeks now takes two seconds, depending on your service provider. The massive long distance phone bill also took a dip as we were introduced to skype and now WhatsApp video calls.

From a professional point of view, the global reach of the internet means, for many, that an advert doesn’t have to be placed on a bus in New York City or on a billboard on the highway as we travel out of London. We can place ads through Instagram, Facebook and also YouTube, just to name a few. Instagram by way of a simple profile also affords you the luxury of creating your own business.

However, as what occurred after carnival taught us, we can’t be too dependent on the net to support our business because we don’t have the power of control. Yes, we have a profile, yes we feed and nourish it every day with content that will drive traffic on to the page, but the immediate, no questions ask, block of everything #stluciacarnival and #carnival that sent band leaders and carnival stakeholders in a whirlwind frenzy, proves the power lies with the no faced people at Facebook.

Thankfully, good sense prevailed over at Instagram’s headquarters (Facebook) and the “ban” was lifted and the world was able to enjoy our two days of uninterrupted mas and revellery. However, in ending I must ask, should we go back to the conventional ways of advertising or nah?

Have a great weekend yall and God bless.

Scady. P

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