Hooping It Up With Kyle

Image of Kyle Hippolyte

Kyle Hippolyte

St. Lucia was well represented by 12-year-old Justin Kyle Hippolyte of Emerald Development Corinth at the Elite Hoop Group Skills Camp in Stroudsburg of Pennsylvania, July 07th – July 18th 2019. Hoop Group Skills Camp is considered the USA’s #1 Instructional Basketball Camp since 1963.

The camp is a comprehensive grassroots basketball organization that has been the worldwide leader in basketball instruction. Currently, there are 128 Hoop Group Camp Alumni playing in the NBA, including at least one player on every current NBA roster.

There are 54 Hoop Group Camp Alumni in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, and a countless number of players receiving college scholarships from their participation. Hoop Group Skills Camp provides student-athletes with numerous benefits by providing an unmatched summer environment for developing their basketball abilities.

Their staff, composed of top high school and college basketball coaches in the USA, work on the court with campers from 7am to 10pm daily, in order to improve their skills and techniques.

The campers play in three games and receive two skill development workouts, and have team practice each day of camp, while also participating in contests, hearing guest lectures from the top names in basketball like Dave Hopla “ THE MAN WHO DOESN’T MISS SHOTS” and Herb Mc Gee “ THE SHOT DOCTOR” and enjoying All-Star game festivities. With 15 outdoor courts, Hoop Group Skills Camp provided Justin with a one-of-a-kind basketball setting and environment.

Whilst at camp, the game of basketball had him interact with players from unique and diverse backgrounds and allowing them to learn about, co-existing with, and respecting new cultures. The camp also promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline.

At the end of the almost two week camp session, Justin received a written assessment from each coach, both on commendations and recommendations. He was highly commended on his defense for his age group and made the starting five for all his competitive games.

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