How Our Bus Drivers Ignorant So?

Howwww our bus drivers ignorant so? Nah, nah, that cyah be right. When you ask people to describe our best drivers they have the worst things to say. Just the other day deh one was in a big roro. Mate come on news to defend himself and you’ll swearrr is aangel. But when a post have comeh comments and all bad? You’z something special!

Dem men like to act like is some kinda favour they doing you.  Before you speak up for your rights, they uh-rar-row. Ah move on my bus.Your bus Jonas? I thought you was driving that for Fred? You get carried away already padna?Day bun koo-yor.

Some of dem fellas just plain wicked. Getting vex if someone taking an extra minute to close the door or sit (sometimes rain falling or the person have a lot of parcels) cursing the elderly, speeding how much even if you ready to fall off the seat, playing dirty music how loud and eh care who it affecting… chatting up likkle school girls like they eh hard backs with wives and children already… you fink some uh dem easy?

Poorjab the passengers. Some of them cyah wait to buy their little vehicle so they eh have to  deal with that pappyshow again. You think is one? Some people eh have money so they’ll always have to deal with some of these foolish drivers. Hard luck e.

Now I eh saying some of the passengers eh rude eh. Some always want you to make a stop, always want a free ride, giving di fellas how much talk, telling them their bus ole and war-yie, saying how they eh need their ride cuz their boyfriend have big ride (well Cheryl why you still there?) etc. etc. Some passengers just outta order and you have to set them straight but you cyah act like all passengers deh like they come from hell, or like is a favour you doing people.

The problem with us is we eh want to stand up for our rights. They calling your’ll to protest, only two people showing up, they telling your’ll to boycott a bus, your’ll going on it because the “sun too hot” or “rain was falling.” Cyah ask some black people to do nutting!

Good fing I have my little bicycle these days and just now I putting two big speakers on that. When you see me coming with my ole ting, gimme room! I shouting and quarrelling too e, not that your’ll like? Toujour car babyay. I cyah quarrel too?How is me uh?

By: Basic B

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