I Find Myself Praying About The Same Things Constantly

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Rae Anthony

I find myself praying about the same things constantly and sometimes wonder if God ever gets tired of  hearing the same prayer over and over.

When I can’t seem to shake a bad habit for instance, I get frustrated, as I believe certain changes should take place sooner, rather than later. The worst part for me is knowing that God is taking note of everything and my sins, unfortunately, just seem to be piling up.

Been there? Welcome to the club!

Thankfully, God does not operate like human beings and I can count on Him being merciful even when I’ve failed a million times (without taking His love for granted, of course.)

If you are struggling with the very same thing, I would like to encourage you to keep pressing on. Remember that God sees the heart and will help you if you truly want to change. Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way, but trust in God just the same and continue to pray.

I often share my concerns with my mom and she reminds me of how far God has brought me. In a recent conversation, she reminded me of things I prayed about—things I no longer wanted to do—and indeed, God had gotten rid of them altogether. She assured me that if He was able to help me with my struggles back then, He certainly could help me with those I am facing now.

With that in mind, I have to trust my Jesus! He has truly moved mountains for me and I know that He will do even more for me in the future. I have to play my part of course and you should also do the same.

Back then, I never guessed that I would be where I am now and this is solely because of God.

What has God done for you? Whenever you’re feeling discouraged, use your testimonies (and even the testimonies of others) as motivation; there is nothing that God can’t do!

Have a good weekend guys!

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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