It’s Easy for Persons to Serve God When Everything is Going Well

Rae A.

As I entered church last Sunday, the pastor told the congregation that it is easy for persons to serve God when everything is going well in their lives.

“It’s easy to put your hands in the air and say great are you Lord when you just got paid,” he said, later adding that it was difficult for persons to do so when they’d lost a job, loved one, etcetera.

He had a point. As godly as some of us are, or as much as some of us believe in God, many of us find it difficult to serve God when we’re going through a dark period.  As a matter of fact, some individuals stop praying altogether when God seems to be absent and others slam the door in His face, without thinking twice.

Some persons wonder: “How can God ask me to serve Him when He won’t even step in to help me?”

This question is quite popular. It’s like God is watching us as we make our way through the mess and He refuses to help.

Whenever I’m going through a difficult period, I ask God for strength; strength, I perhaps, didn’t even know I had. Often, I remember Job during these times as he endured a great deal of hardship; still, He continued to serve God, believing that in time, God would turn things around. In the end, God rewarded an unshakable Job.

“Grace and thanks,” my mom replied, after I shared a story with her sometime ago.

What did she mean by that? When life gets difficult and you feel like you simply can’t go on, ask God to give you grace so that you can go through the situation without falling apart and thank Him in the midst of the storm. It’s no easy task, but God asks us to do just that.

If you are obedient, you too, will be rewarded.

Without challenges, we’d have no testimonies. Without faith, we are nothing. God allows us to go through tough situations as He knows they will make us stronger and often, He tests our faith to see just how much we trust Him—do you?

P.S. Remember to praise God at ALL times. Don’t run to God when you need help and completely forget about Him afterwards. You can’t ask God why He abandoned you when you never did what He asked you to do in the first place.

Have a good weekend guys.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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