My Mom Listens to Joyce Meyer and Other Inspirational Gospel Speakers

Image of Rae AnthonyMy mom listens to Joyce Meyer and other inspirational gospel speakers whenever she gets a chance and always encourages me to do the same. After dilly-dallying for a while, I finally decided to listen to Joyce and was truly grateful, by the end of her first speech.

Her powerful delivery and words reeled me in, causing me to do some much needed self-reflection. I was quite pleased when I realized that her talks weren’t boring after all and actually included humour.

After listening to ‘The Power of Right Thinking’ and later, ‘Using Your Gifts Wisely’ by the best-selling author on YouTube, I realized how important it is for persons to immerse themselves in things of Christ.

Like my mom pointed out in one of our conversations, a movie with a good message is nice, but after a while, most persons forget. When you listen to speeches given by Christians for instance, the messages never leave you and often forces you to change your ways. The questions come one after the other: “What kind of Christian am I?” “What kind of person am I?” “What kind of God do people see when they look at me?” “Does my bumper sticker reflect my lifestyle or am I all talk?”

When you saturate yourself in the things of God, it allows you to change your way of thinking and work towards being better.

Take this from me: you don’t have to be a Christian to listen to speakers like Joyce Meyer or Priscilla Shirer; there is solid food for thought that non-Christians can take away. Hopefully, however, these individuals will take away the most important thing eventually: how important it is to serve God.

Looking for healing? Looking for divine inspiration? Looking for humour? Looking to set your soul on fire? Looking for the right partner? Come to the house of the Lord.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” and everything else will be added. God will truly give you your hearts desires when you put Him first.

Have a good weekend guys!

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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