NYC Elections — Get to know the Candidate: Dwight George

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Dwight George

Dear young leaders,

I am Dwight George, a contender in the upcoming National Youth Councilelections.

In a few days you will head to the polls to elect a new executive body for the Saint Lucia National Youth Council to operate on your behalf and I would like to encourage you to choose me for President.

I am passionate about youth development and if given the opportunity, together with the team, I will use the platform as an avenue to advocate for youth empowerment.

I do not know how successful our lives will be, but I know that in order to be successful, we must all play our parts.


I have gained a vast amount of experience that will be vital to me in fulfilling my role as President: I am the newly elected Vice President of the Artistic and Cultural Youth Development Canvas (a youth organization for young persons within the creative industry) a brand ambassador of 758 Books and the Creative Director of Dzines Inc. an Event Planning company.


I envision a council of inclusiveness which is my motivation for running for President. My five ambitions will focus on:

1. Moving rural youth forward: Creatingconditions which enable young persons in rural areas to fulfill their potential.

2. Space and participation for all: Strengthen young people’s democratic participation and autonomy as well as providing dedicated youth spaces.

3. Inclusive societies: It is crucial to work towards the fulfillment of the rights of all young people, including the most marginalized and excluded.

4. Equality for all genders: Ensure equality of all genders and gender-sensitive approaches in all areas of life of a young person.

5. Cultural and creative inclusion: Create inclusiveness for youth in the creative industry at national levels.

A Presidential Debate with my fellow candidates is scheduled for August 6, 2019 at 5:30 p.m.and will be aired live on the Saint Lucia National Youth Council’s Facebook page. Pay close attention to the manifestos; they are a crucial part in this election.

In the interim, I implore you to get acquainted with the election process. Register with a Youth Council near you using the links on the NYC’s Facebook page.


NYC Mission

“To harness the talent, energy and creativity of St. Lucian youth and transform these into a potent resource for individual, community and national transformation.”

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