ROOTS & SOUL HIGHLIGHT: Sherwinn ‘Dupes’ Brice

Image of Sherwinn ‘Dupes’ Brice

Sherwinn ‘Dupes’ Brice

Saint Lucian – American singer Sherwinn ‘Dupes’ Brice is a songwriter whose music is heavily influenced by pop, reggae and R&B. Having already made a name for himself in his native country, Dupes is now focusing on bringing his own, catchy brand of music to the world. Showing command over multiple genres with an aptitude in mixing and matching genres, Dupes brings with him an experience that is very pleasurable to a listening audience.

From an early age,Sherwinn’s parents – Samuel and Esther Brice – played a key role in the development of his musical talent. With the instilling of the significance of musical abilities from his dad, his deep fascination with music took off at the age of eleven with the gift of his first portable Walkman recorder from his mom. This saw the beginning of a very bright music career.

Sherwinn’s passion for “beat making” was born after a brief stint in the United States, where he was introduced to hip-hop techniques which would later lead to the purchase of his first guitar, a microphone and a four-track recorder. His return to Saint Lucia would see the onset of his quest to find his place in a very broad industry – the Music Business.

Moving around from band to band, he was determined to find the right team to share his vision. Sherwinn often found himself busy behind the scenes which led to his interest in audio production. With limited resources, he used what was available to his advantage – books, the internet and anyone or anything that would provide the hands-on experience that he could learn from. He would eventually build his own demo studio where he would become known for developing his own brand of alternative Saint Lucian music.

For most of his music career, Dupes has been behind the music of various artistes. At the start of 2013, he decided to shift focus to his solo music career and so we see the release of singles with music videos to accompany and the eventual release of his debut 5-track EP, ‘From Saint Lucia with Love’ on October 30th 2015.

Often compared to the likes of Bruno Mars and Wyclef Jean, he is excited about his debut album, ‘3D’ released on October 28th 2016. A self-proclaimed 80s baby with a background steeped in the infectious grooves of Dancehall and Reggae, late 90s R&B and modern day EDM,Sherwinn ‘Dupes’ Brice’s 3D is a mix of sultry love songs, reggae ballads and dance tracks packed with enough whip appeal to keep you locked in for this journey through not just the mind of this singer songwriter, but also his heart.

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