Some of us have friends or acquaintances with never-ending problems

Some of us have friends or acquaintances with never-ending problems which can be a great nuisance at times.

Some of our friends complain about their bad relationships daily; others are always broke, therefore, always require a handout from us. Naturally, these individuals promise that they’ll pay us back “tomorrow” or sometimes later. Some keep their word and others don’t.

Some persons constantly eye the things we have: “That’s a lovely dress, can I borrow it?” Or: “I have to go to a wedding, can I borrow your shoes?” Or: “Can I have these earrings?”

Yes, there are persons we just hate to be around.

It’s time to dissect your friendship.

Is it a take and give friendship? Is it one where one person is selfish and the other isn’t? Perhaps your friend is going through a tough time and just needs a shoulder to lean on—how do you react in this situation?

It’s easy to get annoyed when someone is always overwhelmed. Many persons don’t like that “negative energy” as it affects their mood. Some persons feel that their friends should quit complaining altogether but sometimes it’s not so easy. Remember: it’s easy to downplay someone’s troubles when you’re doing well; if someone is going through a hard time, it’s important to be there for them as you’d want the same courtesy if the roles were reversed.

Some persons don’t need money—they simply want a listening ear. Exercise patience and love even when it gets tough especially if that person has been a great friend. Give sound advice and help out in whatever way you can. Keep in mind that sometimes you’re the only one this individual can turn to.Be patient.

It’s time to deal with your selfish friends. Remember it’s okay to say no sometimes. If you’ve spoken to the individual, and he or she refuses to change, then it’s time to change your methods. If you haven’t said anything at all, it’s time to speak up! If someone is taking advantage of you, then you must draw the line.

That’s all for now guys. Have a good weekend and good luck!

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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