The School’s Radical

Sir, I cannot take it anymore,

All this learning is making my head sore,

I mean from A for At to B for Bat,

To the hardest math and simplest art,

To millions of regulations and rules,

Then summer and bible schools,

Come Easter and Christmas I’m revising too,

And now I’m sitting here being educated from you,

Don’t you think I need a break?

After all there’s a certain amount my mind can take,

It’s a wonder I haven’t any greys

Must I keep producing all these A’s.


Of course it is said that I must learn,

So some day a wage I may earn,

But surely not to the point of an erupted brain,

For surely I will die in vain,

You can expect to see me another day,

I’ve places to be, visits to pay ,

Calls to make, messages to send,

Enemies to fend, relationships to mend,

TV to watch and gossip to talk about,

Bye for now, I’ll see myself out!

By the way, I trust my parents won’t be notified,

For I fear their reaction will ruin my hide!

By Silma Blanchard 

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