A young man, in his late teens, sleeps together with three or four men…

A young man, in his late teens, sleeps together with three or four men in cell block. More than likely, he isn’t enjoying the comfort of a Snuggle scented pillow or the warmth of cotton layered comforter. His nights are harassed be a cold bunk bed or bedding/mattress covering what is the area reserved for feet and shoes during the day.

It was only a year ago, he was living life like a normal teenager.Posting funny videos with his friends, crazy memes and frequent status updates to remain relevant on the TL, was the only things that deserved a bit of stress in his young adult life. If he flashes back to two years, he will be buoyed to remember how his school years were indeed the best as he lived a carefree life.

Now, he is doomed to be another statistic of a broken system. Not, the justice system, but a system that has plagued and tricked our boys and young men especially, that this is the life to live. The street system is one that is widely spoken about and harshly criticized but still, it claims many lives, many young lives.

Our evening news bleeds every night with reports of shootings, stabbings, murders, and other morbid occurrences on this beautiful island. No one it seems is immune to this crime wave, however, it would appear that our boys are the ones always coming out with the shortest straw. Why?

Could it be that they have the poorest skill set in conflict resolution? Are they so much into their feelings now-a-days that they can’t fathom the idea to turn the other cheek and forget about a scuffed VaporMax?

There are so many questions that really deserve answers and we are yet to furnish them to very individuals who need it the most; our boys. No more of the “he was a good boy”, he was clearly not if his home for the foreseeable future is the Bordelais Correctional Facility or the cemetery. Somewhere along the way that good boy undoubtedly went bad. There can never be a quick fix to solve this ill.

Just building sports facilities and starting up clubs in the neighbourhood hasn’t been working for years now. “Without a vision the people perish,” so just putting infrastructure in plagued communities without a proper plan as to how it will be utilized does little for the development of its people.

We will continue to see the young men throw their lives into the perils of violence and gang culture in an effort to achieve a faux dream. A dream that ultimately leads to one or two places.

Have a great weekend you’ll and God bless.

Scady. P

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