Aa.. Look They Fighting on Facebook!

You cyah take some Lucians anywhere. Bring a looshanto a wedding or funeral reception, they want to leave with allllll the people food. Oh, I want a Malt for my son and my daughter, my aunty and neh-nen, my parweh, my boyfriend, etc. Some of your’ll just have bad manners.

One time this woman was trying to leave a funeral reception fasttttt because she take how much of the people fingz.  One big bag I tell you. Gasa that burst! Look embarrassment wee! Next time you go learn. Now if someone come and do that at her home, it would be a different story. I always sayLooshans in a class by themselves wee.

But anyway I eh go dwell on that today. I’m here to talk about the fight that reach on Facebook the other day deh. Gasayour’llsometing else…. Like I said, you cyah take some people anywhere! A lil activity your’ll go to deh and they have alllll that cormoshun. Aa… aa… aa….

Dragging people by their weave and ting, throwing chair like is a WWE match that taking place deh, breaking bottle and attacking people… owargasa, we have to do better.

Now I eh know what that cause that fight eh… I hear people say one girl was vexcuz she place her order for her food and the other one come and take over. That’s what I hear. Somebody else tell me the people had their beef already (no pun intended) and drama bruk out later.

I eh know the real story (DBS should do a reunion like dem Real Housewives showsmun) but all I know is demkinda behaviour have to stop. People like to catch their kixx on tingz like that, but dah eh looking good at all. People panty on Facebook, girl siddong on girl ready to crush her cuz is vex she vex so…. masiay just stop that! Stop that!

Stop bullying people, stop looking for trouble and stop starting roro because a lot of us like to act like we in charge but that kinda behaviour go make your’ll end up in some serious trouble gasa. Your’ll want to impress your’ll friends and people on Facebook but if your’ll end up in jail these same people eh posting no bail! They go just laugh and say you stupid. At the end of the day, dah eh worth it.

Hear that uh, let me tell your’ll how to walk away from trouble in a smart way. Just say “Huuuhh girl!!!! Huhhh!!! You lucky e! You lucky I not on demheights again!” but eh say that when you too close to the person uh, next thing the person get vex and attack you. Just walk away fast, but make it look like you trying to calm down and when you reach allllll dong the road, make some noise and run same speed. (Woyeeee!)Lmao. But yeah mun, try and avoid trouble masiay. Before you try and impress people (say a girl or a fella slap you) think! Now I know dah eh di best option, trust me. As humans, we eh like to take pappyshow at all but gasacowards living longer. I eh go tell you never defend yourself, that eh what I mean at all, but if you can run dong the road instead, or just walk away, do that.

Look at how much fellas that kill people already. Some of them die long already and some in jail. Sar par blagmasiay.

By: Basic B

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