Ché Campeche Back In Soufriere For Creole Heritage Month

After what seemed like an eternity, the popular comedy group, Ché Campeché, will return to induce healthy laughter from the people of Soufriere.

The activities of Creole month this year will receive another culturally themed addition in the picturesque town of Soufriere, with a theatrical performance by the internationally famous local theatre group Ché Campeché.

On the 5th of October, Morne Coubaril will be the venue for the most recent acclaimed production, Bél Flé San Lòdé; “Beautiful Flower Without Scent” in English.

The extremely popular theatrical group has gained much admiration for their bilingual deliveries done in English and French Creole. It was founded in the late 80’s and the name Ché Campeché is a derivative of a French word for a local hardwood called Campeché and Ché translated into heart.

The group has enjoyed performances in numerous countries including England, the US and several Caribbean islands.
One of the organizers for the event, Mr. Malcolm Mathurin, remarked that the group has been famous for their wit and their ability to incite laughter from persons who have had the opportunity to be present at their performances.

“We just thought that in a world of increasing tensions and constant anxiety, it would be appropriate to bring quality comic relief to Soufriere.”

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