Let’s Talk Business

The Entrepot Secondary School annually recognizes the month of September as Business Month. During that period the Business Department of the school makes every effort to provide students with real life business experiences to educate, motivate and encourage them in the field of business.

As part of this year’s activities, the department has organized an assembly to launch the opening of business month celebrations under the theme, “Expression of the Arts for Business Creation”. The month’s activities include:
• Launching of Business Month Assembly – 10th September 2019
• Expression of the Arts – Let Talk Business – 16th – 20th September 2019
• Fieldtrips to Business Houses – Throughout academic year
• Pop Up Talent – Lunch Time – Fridays
• I am talented – Dress Down and Arts Exhibition – 27th September 2019

Expression of the Arts – Let’s Talk Business

The students were fortunate to be graced with the presence of a few local professionals in the Creative and Arts Industry. Those personshave made meaningful contributions to St Lucia’s Arts and Culture. Some of the professionals who participated in the Business Talks include: Mr. Ronald Boo Hinkson– International and Grammy Award Musician, Ms. Danielle Du Bois – ThreatreArts teacher and Song Writer, Mr. Arthur Allen – Muscian,Terril Nicholas – Crafter- Illuminating Designs, Mr. Naja Simeon- Artist and Teacher and Mr. Kiedel Sonny – Social Media Comedian and Radio Announcer.

The speakers were very inspiring and enlightening.They provided students with a plethora oflife transforming experiences on their development in the Arts. Students were encouraged to harness their skills and talents which would aid in business creation. The exercise was indeed rewarding for all and gave us a real look into the businesses which fuel our arts and creative industry.

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