My mom and I always talk about our love for God

My mom and I always talk about our love for God. Sometimes we talk on the phone for hours or a few minutes on busy days.

We talk about a number of things and most times, there’s a lot of humour too. She is not just a mother, but a friend, a rock, and without a doubt, my go-to person.

Whenever we speak, she always reminds me of one thing: God’s grace is enough to get me through any situation.

And as much as this is true, it is hard to remember at times. When we go through challenges in life, especially those that test our patience, we sometimes forget about God’s word altogether.

God tells us that we can do “all things through Christ” who strengthens us. In moments of madness, many of us forget, and ultimately deal with situations our own way. Ah, human nature.

But this, indubitably,is the biggest mistake.

I was listening to Priscilla Shirer, a famous gospel speaker, earlier this week, and right there and then, I knew God was speaking to me. Priscilla’s message was powerful and one I needed to hear.

After being stuck in what feels like an uphill battle for so long, I, frankly, was tired of it all. I simply wanted my blessing (my testimony!) and not the struggle. After all, I had dealt with the struggle for so long so why wasn’t I getting my breakthrough?

That’s the thing, however; sometimes our attitude needs a serious makeover. Sometimes we sulk and pout for months, or years, and dodge the path that we need to take like a bullet; success, however, doesn’t come easy. Gentle reminder: when you’re going through a tough time, remember that God is still God and He’s still able to do it all.

Ask Him for grace and patience so that you can get through the hardships in life. And when you do what is right (what God expects from you) He will certainly reward you.

Remember to learn from your mistakes. Sometimes you will deal with situations the wrong way and that’s expected. However, don’t keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. If you truly want to serve God, you must put pride aside (as well as a million other things) and do what is right. The end result is always sweet.

P.S. Trust the process!

Have a good weekend guys.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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