RIP? But Is You That Make Her Do It!!

Gasa, I eh lying uh, people nowadays just heartless I tell you. One thing about us Lucians, we like to laugh at people but when you see we in the same situation, we want people to feel sorry for us. What my grandmother used to say again? Tun-toe, tun-toe.

They have so many people with problems these days and now it seems like everybody want to commit suicide. Your’ll think it easy out there? Some people cyah cope with their problems… some cyah deal with that social media bullying ting… some people doh even know where their next meal coming from… masiay, da eh no joke.

Nowadays people just get a kinda way. Somebody crying for help on Facebook, first thing they saying is “She want attention,” or “She doh have nothing better to do?” and they laughing after they say their marjee too.Gasa we can be real foolish and closed minded sometimes. Meanwhile, your’ll laughing at somebody but your’ll eh even know what that coming for your’ll… you think God playing?

As soon as some of them hear theperson commit suicide, they running on Facebook: “Rest in peace sweetie, you will be missed. I wish you talked to me instead, I wish you knew you were not alone, but anyway, rest in heaven my girl… the angels will welcome you.” BAYTEEZE- TO-SELL.

Some of these same people that running and put RIP posts and pretending to be shocked are the same ones who ignored the person or laugh at them you know. Hypocrite.Rest in peace? Kotay ah?

And side note: when your’llsaying things like “She just want attention…” YOU RIGHT!! Is help the person need that’s why they put that there. Kooyor.

Your’ll too so. That kinda behaviour on top of the problems some of these people hadcausethem to take their own life. I eh saying you put a rope in the person neck, all I’m saying is some people not strong like others.

They have some people that real strong, eh, I must say. Some girls were recorded on tape and they didn’t even know that. Some girls let mun record them, cuz they were not thinking and people ridicule them how much. Some of them still here today, doing better. I proud of your’llmasiay.(And for the fellas that recording the girls? I feeling sorry for your’llcuzyour’ll eh even know…!)

Doh let society pull you down. Lift your head high and continue to rise. Life can get hard sometimes (is me that know) but if you hang in there, ting can get real sweet I tell you. Just trust in the Most High.

And to those of your’ll that like to laugh at people… before you do that again, remember… you don’t know what’s behind the curtain. Today is her, tomorrow could be you. Cyah be you? Tun-toe, tun-toe, you were not the first one who said that my girl…

Learn to have some compassion and remember some people can only take so much.

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