So You Snitching on Your Padna or You Going to Jail Instead?

One thing about some fellas eh, they like to act like they tough. “I is a badman boyyyy, doh play with me!”Ec tout kaltay bayteeze. But the minute police come for them, they running scared. To see some of them, hand up on the wall when police pull up to do random search and some of them ready to poop their pants when they in jail. Oh? But, but… I thought you was bad man?

To hear them sing Kartel and Popcaan songs… you swear they iz top ting. Who shooting who, who have big gun, who eh playing with bwoy head… a little song they hear you know… they done hype already! Gasa your’ll special e.

Now let’s talk about Tekashi 69. Everrrrybody and their momma wanna clown di mun cuz he eh wanna spend all his life in jail. A whole setta internet thugs I tell you. I see a kinna rappers mocking di mun, saying he’s snitch, putting rat emojis under posts about him, exciting themselves how much. So you mean to tell me if you facing over 30 years in jail, you eh talking?? Just for people to say you’s a “real one”? Tiyay cor lar!!! Bayteeze to-sell.

Alllll dem fellas that doing that, if was dem, they done crying for their mudda already.The minute they realize they eh go have access to girls, fancy cars and nice house anymore, they talking. Rice and peas? No chi chi? (How is me uh, idk what di fellas eating in jail gasa.) They ratting everybody out, one by one!

Now I know the streets have a “code” and ting. Mun that in reeeyul gang and not summa dem fake tings Loosha have, does take that serious. That saying “snitches get stiches” eh no joke. But Tekashi young your’ll must remember that… mate eh trying to get old in dem people prison. I sure mate done think of what will happen to him when he talk… he eh stupid (I think). But padna prolly hoping he go be safe in Witness Protection… just move his tattoo, put a wig and a cap… rub his self with a lil soap to make his skin black..  and boom! Issa whole new person. Di mun have di whole ting plan out, I tell you… wham to your’ll? But all jokes aside, I really hope tings work out for da man cuz tings eh looking too bright now at all.

I self, I eh going to jail for nobody. Just for me to get respect from the streets? Ki streets?I snitching and migrating same speed.But for real gasa, I eh go put myself in no kinda situation like that. Fellas like to upload pictures of guns on Facebook, summa dem killing people and ting but what they eh realize is that that kinda life does come back and haunt you. Mun always think they is di biggest and baddest ting, till someone come and show dem what time it is. Gasa open your’ll eyes. Bad mun does end up in coffin fastttt. Having a nice suit, clean shave and big chain in a coffin eh playing no role.

And remember… that snitching ting could get you in some serious trouble too eh. So the best thing to do is just stay away from that life!

I swear, all dem young boys want to do as soon as they leave school or drop out, is siddong on block.

Your’ll like to listen to rappers and dancehall artistes but a lot of dem fellas eh doing what they rapping and singing about. If is follow your’ll want to follow di fellas, why your’ll eh take the good parts? Your’ll have real talent masiay doh sleep on that.

So hear that uh..if police catch you and you have to snitch to save yourself…. You snitching on your padna or you going to jail instead?And hear that again uh… you feel mate go do time for you? Yeah? Yeah? KOOYOR. Westaylar. Doh snitch and go to jail instead uh… when you looking for your padna in jail mate done in France already. My best advice to you is if you in dem fake gang ting, is best you talk, move somewhere else and try and change your life. But if you in the real business, padna, hold tight eh..cuz it go get rough. All I could tell you is think long and hard about the decisions you make.

By: Basic B

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