There has been so much going on in the past five days

There has been so much going on in the past five days that it will take more than one weekend to focus on each in my slouch. So I will do just that. Use the coming weeks to focus on the ills and unfortunate stories that have plagued our small society.

This weekend, I will express anguish, disappointment and a small ounce of disbelief at the report of a spate of robberies that have been happening in the community of Micoud and the senseless killing of on the most loved individuals in the community.

Thugs, with no ambition and purpose, for weeks terrorised the community.Breaking and entering restaurants, homes, supermarkets and bars as well as holding workers at a gas station hostage while they made good the illicit acts.

These are individuals who are clearly able to do much more than their criminal misdeeds to earn a living but the desire to gain wealth the quick and presumably easier way took precedence.

Hearing the sadness in the voices of community members and leaders and the unnecessary death of a man that was described as the most helpful person you can find sent my emotions in a tailspin. However, nothing prepared me for the news I was to read a few hours later.

A man, a father, a husband, killed in his own home by an intruder who is believed to have broken into the house to rob the family of their belongings.

Is our island becoming a place of lawlessness and blatant disregard for life? There aren’t any words one can say to a mother, sister, brother, wife and list goes on as to why you a thief took the life of their loved one.

Your punishment, should be swift and it should reflect the decision you made. Young people, our friends are the ones doing this and the sad situation is we allow them to by not speaking up and against the criminal behaviour. Today it is someone else but tomorrow just might be you sobbing over a family member’s coffin.

Wouldn’t you have wanted someone to turn in the murderer? Think about that the next time you’re in that setting and one is bragging about the score he did last night. This is our Saint Lucia so it is our problem. Let’s fix it!

Have a great weekend you’ll and God bless.


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