To be an Intern?

Image of Cherish Kyeyune & Mecah Joseph

Cherish Kyeyune & Mecah Joseph

Work experience needed! How many of us unemployed youth have been turned down for a position before we’ve sent in an application form? I’m willing to guess many, right? How can one gain experience in anything if a chance isn’t given? That’s where an internship comes in. Internship, the position of a trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.

Yes, you read correctly, without pay! Some of us close our eyes and turn up our noses when the word internship is mentioned, but aren’t we doing ourselves a disservice when we do so. I consider and an internship as a sacrifice in order to achieve the greater good. The month of August we welcomed two young, eager, bright and determined young ladies to our Editorial team.

They weren’t worried about getting paid, the travels to from their homes didn’t seem to bother them either. The priceless acquisition of experience seemed to be enough and this weekend we are sharing their stories. YO! readers, meet Mecah and Cherish, our interns.

My internship Experience — By Cherish Kyeyune

I applied for the role of an intern at The VOICE Publishing; I was a bit hesitant along with the usual doubts but surprisingly my application amongst others was accepted. A wave of euphoria followed by a sea of nervousness followed suit. Overall I was excited to enter the world of literacy. For my first day of work besides the usual anxiety everyone has, I was greeted with a welcoming atmosphere from my new co-workers; they are nothing short of a family working unanimously to create The VOICE Newspaper. The work place environment is a warm yet professional place to be in. I will admit going in I did have a different idea I cultivated when it came to the internship but atlas I was completely blown away for the good that is. And days turning into weeks passed by smoothly.

As a novice writer, very much new to the world of writing the universe was in my favor granting me this as my first job to help strengthen my writing. Being able to work with and learn from experienced, talented writers and editors is just a remedy to get your creativity flowing and have you fully motivated for the next day. Though I did have a few bumps in the road learning how to alter my writing style to that of a journalist, needless to say that’s the whole point of the job, and it’s to learn. Which is why I was very eager with all the assignments that was given to me like a child being spoilt with a piece of candy. My first piece was the “infamous” circus piece advertising their arrival. Seeing it in the newspaper, I can’t even describe how happy I was to see my name and piece printed in the papers. The child inside me was literally frolicking all over the place.

My favourite part of the job I always looked forward to were, the discussions and debate I had with the other writers. It was jovial yet thought provoking; discussing every topic under the sun even about what’s going in St Lucia. Listening to their different opinions and getting their different side on topics is essential in this industry. My favourite article I wrote throughout my time working there is, my response to Peter Lansiqout “Women just wanna be naked.” I guess because I had a bit more freedom writing that piece.

All in all, it was a great experience but sadly all good things must come to an end. If I had the chance to do it again, would I? Without I doubt I would. To anyone who thinks about joining The VOICE Publishing team, do it, you won’t regret it. To wrap this up I would like to thank The VOICE Publishing for giving me this opportunity to learn and also grow in such an innovative environment.

My Internship Experience  — By Mecah Joseph

Five weeks. Five weeks of learning, personal growth and development and gaining new experience. It is true when they say time has a way of flying by before you even know it.

My internship experience at The VOICE Publishing Company, Editorial Department, was a very memorable one to say the least. This experience allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and promoted my social skills as well.

Without a doubt, my writing skills drastically improved. In addition, working in this news environment allowed me to build on my team building, and communication skills.

Furthermore, I got the opportunity to meet excellent writers who are skilled in their area of work and was able to learn valuable tips from their writing. It was a very thrilling experience, including all the outside the office work such as conducting interviews, and attending conferences or events.

Indeed, I must say that my communication skills were put to the test when faced with having to conduct one-on-one interviews. However, I was able to challenge myself which was definitely a personal point of development.

Truthfully, I enjoyed the chance to work on my craft and write articles based on a wide range of topics. Surely, the time management and organizational skills that I have learnt here will be utilized in my future endeavours.

As this experience comes to a close I am more than grateful and thankful to have met the amazing, talented set of individuals that I have and I am glad to have worked with them. Undoubtedly, I will carry this experience with me and the ins and outs of journalism that I gathered during my internship at the company.

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