I used to be afraid of the darkness
Afraid to think about it
Write about it
So I’d put it away
Every time
And we fought
The darkness and I
And sometimes the darkness won
And along came sadness and depression
Accompaniments to the darkness
They reigned supreme as I cowered
Afraid, lost and disappointed I withered away
Until I stood up with want and need and love
And so I fought the darkness
And sometimes the darkness won
But I didn’t give up
Because friendship came along and held out a hand
A kind voice
A soft touch
And friendship said talk to the darkness
Don’t shut it away
So I spoke to the darkness
And it laughed at me
But I was calm
Resolute and patient
I gave it a kind voice and a soft touch
The darkness cried and retreated
But the darkness is still there
But so is friendship, kindness and love

By: Aleah Charlemagne

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