Vye Twizeen Boyz Gives Back

Who would’ve thought parties in an ‘ole kitchen’ would’ve lead to performing on some of the biggest stages in Saint Lucia, touring Radio Stations or winning the National Groovy Soca Monarch? Yes, the group “Vye Twizeen Boyz” really began in one of our members’ grandmother’s old kitchen five years ago. The community would’ve supported us in whatever that we decided to do, and to this day, the support has been nothing less than amazing.

The group stuck together after their first annual party and completed little community work, such as cutting the grass on the playing field, and planning activities for the youth. Moreover, members of the group loved seeing growth and development in the community and has been contributing to the development of our community, Belle Vue, individually and as members of other groups.

Singing or recording wasn’t entirely new to the group as Merguyver ‘Yung Hommie’ Joseph, had a basic studio set up in his room where he recorded some of his fire raps, such as ‘Hayo’ or ‘I know’. On Friday July 6th 2018, Yung Hommie and another member produced a song for our community Carnival, Mas In Da Vue, called “Tushay Baguy la”. Other members really liked the idea and decided to ride the wave. Together, they released songs like “Whine and Spin”, “NouKa Pwen” and “Mahjee With Yourself” which landed on the right ears.

After pushing for months trying to add value to the music industry here in St. Lucia, our manager encouraged Sylvinus ‘Sly’ Charles and Jeffery ‘McMwen’ Estephane to participate in the Soca Monarch Competition under both categories. Not too sure whether the results after the semifinals was good or bad as we were qualified for only Groovy. We got the opportunity to focus on the Groovy Soca “Mix Up” as first timers, on the contrary we didn’t get the opportunity to fight for both.

Exactly one year after recording our first song, we were crowned King of the Groovy Soca Monarch competition. The support that we received from the community of Belle Vue throughout this journey has been remarkable. It has urged us to give back in whatever way possible for the tremendous support.

Since September was around the corner we decided to make an impact on a child’s educational life by helping out with school supplies. This decision would also aid the parents who are not financially stable, send that child back to school comfortably, with all their necessities. We contacted the school’s principal and ran the idea by her. Our initial decision was to make a donation to one child; however after shopping we were able to pack three bags. The principal and her staff then selected three worthy students to receive those bags. The donation was made on Thursday 29th August, and the three students smiled the entire way home.

As we look to continue this journey, this initiative was the first of many. We do not have much ‘wealth’, but our hearts are filled with all the love and support that we are receiving, hence we give from the heart. Whatever it may be, we are looking to say Thank You.

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