2019 is SERIOUSLY Messed Up!

Your’ll need Jesus you know that? Gasa, Lucia inna cormessss. Di country inna state, people frustrated and they eh know what to do again. I self ready to migrate to a country where the crime rate notso high. I done do my research already, westay lar.

On a serious note, I love my country bad, but we have to do something about the crime rate (and all the other problems) masiay. For a good while, we got a little break but now it seems dem demons hungry again. They terrorizing people how much, taking people life like it eh nothing at all, and all kinda ting.

I eh lying uh, the security death hit me hard. That hurt my heart gasa cuz di man didn’t deserve to die like that at all. You think people can be so wicked?

Tuntoe tuntoe. Bordiay par cah jway. I leave your’ll deh.

Look Christmas coming. Masiay, be on the lookout and eh let your’ll guard down because dem thieves coming to steal, kill and destroy! Summa dem killing you for a watch I tell you! Just the other day deh they arrest a whole setta dem. Smh them fellas eh even know they hurting their own selves in the end. Papa put a hand wee. SOOPLAY!

Parents… talk to your children. Summa your’ll doing that a lot and I commend your’ll but they have parents that eh care at all. Some of them not asking questions, some know what their children involved in and they sitting deh and they eh saying nutting! But to see them when they get bad news… “he was a good boy.”

Doh try that my lady.

Now talking to your children eh mean they go listen, but at least you know you do your job. If they end up behind bars or in some kinna sticky situation, they must remember you!

They have times talking can change a child’s life too eh so even if it get hard doh give up.Trust in di Most High and He go give you strength, you check.

And remember to do what’s right even when it will affect you too! If you know your child involve in something bad, report dem! They have times you have to exercise tough love cuz sar par pyes blag.

I always say if God have to listen to us eh, we finish self! Fellas do better. Parents do better. All of us have to step up masiay. We cyah let our country die like that.

Remember Emrand Henry song? “What is going onnnnn? Wit di yout inna di land these dayzzz! I wanna know what is going on… Oh I talk to di ancient of days!” Big tune!

By: Basic B

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