Dark Moon

I continue to hope and dream,
I continue to wish and believe,
Even though I’m constantly surrounded by darkness,
I still glow a soft light it seems.
Torn and broken, used and abused,
I still find myself able to love,
Even the ones who killed and watched me burn,
I still forgave though my tears have not stopped.
My tears have multiplied themselves into stars,
And have kept me company in the lonely night,
They shine a light slightly similar to mine,
Giving hope to the heart that has no life.
The darkened sky is my home,
Forever trapped in the shadows of my life,
I remain isolated, beaten and cold,
The stars the only proof of the tears I cry.
I will continue to shine through the darkness,
Though awfully worn out I may get,
I will shine my light for the weary,
In hopes they can finally get some rest.
I may be Distant, Lifeless and Cold,
But on this earth I have no real home,
I am cast out and shunned by all,
Still I will shine my light for those who fall.

By: Zhane’ Springer

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