Kwéyòl on the Bay

Manmay, Kwéyòl la wivé! Ésoupawé?

Creole Day is here and we’re excited. Naturally, some persons celebrated long before the big day. On Saturday October 19, shoppers got a taste of Kwéyòl at Kwéyòl on the Bay and on that day they couldn’t be happier.

The atmosphere was as lively as ever. The Helen Folk Dancers, Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy, La Kabwit Drummers Group, calypsonian De Invader and more spiced up the atmosphere and the crowd only grew thicker as the day passed by.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Jounen Kwéyòl without certain foods; foods like bakes, acras, greenfigs, saltfish, soup, pork, and more were welcomed by all and their ‘partners’ (local juices and cocoa tea) were right by their side.

Persons could also purchase their Creole Day wear and accessories right there on the spot—what more could they ask for?

Indian culture was on full display as well.  A number of Indian performers took Saint Lucians to various parts of their world through food, dance and song and it was truly wonderful!

Thanks to Baywalk Shopping Mall, Small Business Development Centre (SBDC), Grow Well Inc. and the Indian Cultural Foundation, Saint Lucians enjoyed a wonderful day at Kwéyòl on the Bay.

Was it the best of both worlds? It just might have been.

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