“Life’s not easy.”

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Rae Anthony

“Life’s not easy.” We’ve heard this many times. Many persons struggle to make ends meet; some work tirelessly, only to receive a small cheque at the end of the month; others sell their bodies just so that they can put food on their table. It’s not the right thing to do, but many persons feel like this is their only choice.

Even the rich and famous face their fair share of problems. For some, more money = more problems. So you see, for many, life’s not a bed of roses.

Some turn to suicide when life gets unbearable and unfortunately, my relative did just that a few years ago.  I can still see his lifeless body on the ground when I close my eyes and I can still remember how sad I felt on that day.

Today, I want to remind you that God is able. God is able folks. He is “able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we ask or thinkaccording to the power that worketh in us,” – Ephesians 3:20.Please, keep the faith!

I was talking to an acquaintance recently, and the individual expressed that he simply did not believe in Jesus; I wish I could’ve showed him what I saw: how perfect and beautiful and faithful God is. After speaking to him, I prayed for him and asked God to transform his life and I will continue to do that. Hopefully, one day, his outlook can change.

The world is getting darker by the second and we truly need God in these times. Folks, hold on; pain, no matter how excruciating, does not last forever and if you hold on, God will see you through. When life gets hard, when life gets tough, when it gets rough, when it gets unbearable and you just want to give up, hold onto God.

Sometime ago I met a stranger who was confined to a hospital bed. After speaking to him for a few minutes, he said to me “I will walk again; God will see me through” and he believed that with all his heart. Faith can see you through when there seems to be no way out; hold on and wait for your breakthrough.

Take care my loves.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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