Looshans Heart Too Hard? How you want to tell di mun how to feel?

Everybody and their grandmother give their opinion on Botham Jean’s brother hugging his killer last week. Now as you see me deh, since last week I wanted to talk about that but it was just hard gasa. I follow that whole trial and that touch me like I was a family member I tell you.

So anyways a kinda people get vex when di mun brother hug Amber Guyger. People curse, people say they finish with that family, people say the family is an embarrassment and all kinda ting. A good bit of people show support for what Brandt did but seems they had more badmind overall.

I self, I cry like a baby when di mun hug di woman. I eh go lie.  They have time big mun just have to cry. Now I understand why people were upset… a lot of people could never forgive someone just like that if they murdered their family member. I doh even think I could do that. But that eh mean I cyah support what Brandt did.

You see mate? Mate is a real man of God and I salute him 100%. Padna I wish I could hug you now deh because it takes a real man to do something like that.

Your’ll forgetting a few things. 1. Brandt did that FOR HIMSELF, NOT FOR YOUR’LL. 2. Some people forgive to get their HEALING. I eh understand how people want to hold grudge more than di mun. Your’ll special I tell you. As hard as it is to understand masiay, some people can forgive the worst set of persons and that’s because of God alone. Your’ll eh know how painful it is to have rage in your heart? Masiay that can bring real sickness.When you eh forgive someone, that deh like you have a load on your back; like is a big river rock you carrying. So trust me, I understand why mate forgive that Amber girl. Of course not everybody can do that but who are you to tell di mun he cyah do that? Ah he embarrass us, we were standing behind him. Shut up! Zort twor corparwayzor! You want to tell di mun how to feel? Let me tell you, unless you in a situation, you cyah never tell somebody how to feel, how to grieve and how to heal.

Everybody talking about Botham and how he was good… but your’ll forgetting one thing: Botham would’ve agreed with what his brother did because that’s the kind of person he was. Botham had a big heart… everybody who knew him said that’s just the kind of man di fella was. Like somebody said on Facebook… everybody was saying ‘Be Like Bo’ until it was time to actually be like Bo. (Rest in peace my boy.)

I eh saying Amber was right for what she did at all. The girl was DEAD WRONG. All I’m saying is if Brandt had to forgive Amber for his own peace of mind, then so be it. If mate didn’t forgive the girl, sometimes some kinda evil thoughts coulda just come in his head deh and land him in prison. First ting people go say is they taking jail for their loved ones if they lose their life like that, but in the end, that just eh worth it. Another ting: mate coulda lose his mind if he didn’t forgive that girl. Forgiveness bringing you peace, trust me. That eh mean he not vex he lose his brother, that eh mean he wish his brother wasn’t alive..but once you let go of that anger things get better. And like he said, who knows, the girl could have committed suicide and all. I eh go never wish that on somebody. I bet you after allllll the parwol Amber get from the public deh that girl just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. If she was “happy” to do it then… then I bet you that eh di case now. After alllllll that parwol from the public? Stone alone some of your’ll couldn’t stone Amber. I honestly feel that girl sorry for her actions now and I feel like what Brandt did just might cause her to change her life.

I just sad that Botham had to lose his life so young but masiay, if one good thing can come out of a bad situation, then I’m all for it.  Brandt continue to hold your head high papa. Trust me, I feel God have a bright future for you my boy.

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