Mr. and Miss Red Cross 2019

Image: Kurliya Evariste and Jeanai Clercin

Kurliya Evariste and Jeanai Clercin

Saint Lucia Red Cross Youth are truly talented and this was highlighted at their annual Mr. and Miss Red Cross Pageant. Akish Jn. Baptiste (Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School), Kurliya Evariste (St. Joseph’s Convent), Yola Ghirawoo (Entrepot Secondary School), Jeanai Clercin (Saint Lucia Sports Academy), Le-Marni Lewis (Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School), Maicol Popotè (Saint Lucia Sports Academy) and Raphael Mohara(Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School) pulled all the stops forthis year’s event which was held on Saturday October 5.

Per the organization: “The pageant is held to display the talents and knowledge of the youth members and sensitize people on the impact the Saint Lucia Red Cross is having on the lives of the youth members.”

Contestants touched on a number of issues affecting today’s society including sexual abuse,drunk texting,mental illness, discrimination, crime and pollution. They urged all individuals to play their part so that the world can be a better place to live in. They also provided solutions to the problems;some Red Cross participants stated that change can begin with social media campaigns and community outreach programmes; one contestant also mentioned that it is important for persons to speak up.

The show which was held at the Gros Islet Human Resource Development Centre was well-received by attendees. In the end Kurliya Evariste and Jeanai Clercin were crowned Miss and Mr. Red Cross respectively.

“It was a great experience; I had some challenges but I overcame them and in the end I made myself, school and community proud. I took part in my school’s Mr. Independence Pageant earlier this year and I won that pageant as well so I had some experience,” Jeanai said to us in an interview on Tuesday 8.

The newly crowned queen who was also present told us about her journey as well: “I took part in this pageant because I wanted to showcase my talent and boost my confidence. It was my first pageant and I learnt a lot along the way,” she said.

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