This old woman lived a full life

Her words flowed freely as it came to mind

She stood firm, unmovable



Raucous… woman

Her larger than life personality

Brought friends, foes

Some loved her

Some hated her

Either way she arose each morning to live a full life

Apathetic to the opinion of others

She loved to pluck weeds, plant potatoes in her garden

Passionate about her children, grand-children


With the latter she played with, teaching them how to play

Her favourite past-time, dominoes

Nurturing and disciplining them with a solid hand

Reminders she gave of past experiences

Her memories, our memories

Her life now a memory

For as sands in the wind

One’s life is fleeting

Away into oblivion never to be again

A green fruit must become mature

Then it is ripe for the picking

After that it falls and decays quickly

Till no one even remembers it was ever there

This old woman was “Mum.”

By Sharlen Edgar

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