While everyone was busy giving thanks on Monday

While everyone was busy giving thanks on Monday, I was sadly coming to an unacceptable reality about our society. The people who are supposed to “love oh love” this beautiful island of ours are effortlessly stifling her. No, it’s not with carbon emission that is threatening to change drastically who can survive on this planet—and where, it is with empathy.

“This week has illustrated to me how much of a bitter society we are. I once thought it was politicians who should take the blame since they are worse than a jabal, sound they are at causing division in homes, schools and churches. Alas, it is ya’ll. You are the ones with the problems. I believe some of us rather see others live in misery as opposed to happiness. Some of us rather wake up with burdens on our chest and knots where smiles are supposed to be. That is sad Saint Lucia. We need a fix up and fast.”

My Facebook status had a few people confused but the majority of my friends knew exactly where my thoughts were at the time of me typing the near one hundred character note.  We have become a nation poisoned by greed, envy, jealousy and hate.

I have seen the opinions of the masses on many topics over the last month and a half and while I can commend the few who would always try to see the bigger picture and silver lining in any unfortunate situation; there are a few rotten apples spoiling the basket for us all.

These spoilt fruits are the focus of this weekend’s Slouch as it is plain to see that they are more focused at driving conflict and not seeking a resolution. They would rather see a frown on the faces of everyone around them, in fact the thought of a smile would effectively ruin their day.

Today I sat thinking to myself, can people really be unhappy all the time? I still can’t fathom the thought, readers. This all feels foreign to me. Let me know your thoughts on that one because I am all “thought out”!

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.


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