Chazzi: Blessed Beyond Measure!

Image of Chazzi Desriviéres

Chazzi Desriviéres

One on One with the ‘Blessed’ Challenge Winner

Chazzi  Desriviéres is blessed beyond measure. The 18-year-old is the winner of Shenseea’s ‘Blessed’ challenge and though he’s immensely talented, Chazzi never thought he’d walk away victorious.

It’s not surprising: a number of gifted persons participated in the Jamaican artiste’s competition, hoping to win the $2000.00USD that was up for grabs. Participants offered their very best and many thought outside the box for the competition.

Chazzi’s offering, however, was simple—he was just a musician playing steelpan on his front porch, dancing freely to the music. Still, he surpassed those with elaborate displays. But that was the thing: Chazzi did not have to try hard; for him it was effortless and it was as natural as rain falling from the sky.

“In the summer I believe, Shenseea released a song named ‘Blessed’. I did a steelpan cover for the song when she released it because that’s my girl and the song was also a hit,” the musician, who’s a huge fan of Shenseea, said in an interview with YO! on Tuesday, October 29.

He continued: “A month later she hosted this competition for the song; you know to display your talent, whether it be a dance, rendition, ora cover, and you simply had to tag her. I had already done the cover so when I noticed that she was hosting the competition I repeatedly tagged her in my video. Two other Saint Lucians submitted a video as well, I believe, but they were not selected so I was that lucky Saint Lucian.”

Indeed, he was lucky. The support Saint Lucians showed to Chazzi was truly impressive.

Image of Chazzi Desriviéres

Chazzi Desriviéres

“The competition was based on ‘likes’ and the person with the most ‘likes’ on their video would win. I had a following of probably 10,000 by then, so I got my platform to repost the video, like and share amongst their friends, and the Saint Lucian support was just mind-blowing,” he said.

Shortly after he entered the competition, another steelpan player joined and the true rivalry began. Saint Lucians were determined to see Chazzi through and Vincentians were just as committed to get their own to the top.

“You know Saint Lucians already; Saint Lucians brought the heat for St. Vincent and they truly came out to support their Saint Lucian. I also went up against persons with a bigger following; there was a violin player with over 100,000 followers so the competition truly showed me that people appreciate me and support their own,” he added.

Chazzi deserved every ounce of support. He plays the steelpan effortlessly and wholeheartedly. In fact, his love for the instrument grew in the womb, as his father too, is a skilled pan player.

According to him, “it’s how I express myself; it’s how I can communicate.”

Funny thing: Chazzi prepared for his victory before the competition ended. He had surpassed his competitors by a long shot by then, and his victory was practically in the bag.

“When I won, Shenseea congratulated me, told me I had skills, and asked if I had PayPal,” he revealed in a joking manner.

But before the competition, he didn’t.

“I actually prepared the week before when I noticed that I was going to win because I was separated by like 40k ‘likes’,” he added.

In total, Chazzi received 371, 520 views and 127, 550 ‘likes’; he now has a following of 21.9k followers.

The ‘Blessed’ challenge was indeed a great opportunity for him.

“I honestly didn’t know about the money at first and actually getting it was a plus from all the things I actually saw the competition for: the exposure, etc.,” he said.

Side note: the fame hasn’t gotten into his head; he’s one of the humblest and most jovial persons you’ll ever meet.

This is his second YO! cover and its well deserved. He first graced our cover in December 2018 and we have a feeling that he’ll be back for a third.

The young musician will be embarking on a school tour soon as he is passionate about giving back to the youth.

“I do see myself giving back to the youth because in Saint Lucia there aren’t many platforms for anything related to arts and furthering arts. By St. Cecilia’s Week I’ll be doing a school tour. I’m trying to get students to pursue their dreams and I’ve also collaborated with Shemmy J, Kisha and my fellow friend Elmo who plays the ukulele,” he said.

“The point of the school tour is to let students know that there is a chance in Saint Lucia to further their arts. It will be musicians’ week then so we’re also celebrating us being musicians as well and we’re also answering students’ questions and providing them with more knowledge,” he added.

Instagram: @chazz758

Facebook: Chazzi’s Music

Tel: (1) 758  720-1056

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