Dwight Florent: On Stage with Morgan Heritage — Tour Life and More

Image of Dwight Florent

Dwight Florent

Dwight Florent is undeniably talented. A 21-year-old guitarist from Grand Riviere, Gros Islet, Dwight plays the guitar effortlessly and the best part is that he gets to do it on a world stage with Morgan Heritage.

On Saturday November 16, Dwight told us all about his new chapter and more. He was still fresh from his tour with the GRAMMY winning Reggae band, and tour life, it seemed, suited him perfectly.

“I’ve been a professional musician I’d say for five years and a musician in general I’d say for about eight or nine years. I’ve always had a passion for music,” he said to me enthusiastically.

Music is in his blood, there’s no doubt about that.

“My dad actually plays guitar; just seeing him play the guitar in church and that kind of stuff just made me want to follow in his footsteps,” he added.

Like any other driven individual, he’s been preparing for his big moment his whole life.

“I got the opportunity through Instagram. Gramps Morgan messaged me and asked me if I’m touring with anyone. I said no, so then he said start learning the material because he likes what I do,” the young musician shared.

Naturally, he was astounded—who wouldn’t be?

“I remember I actually used to practice in my room with the same shoes that I was going to wear on the gig and standing up in a room with my pedals playing; I used to actually put myself in the position of being on stage before it happened. As far as preparation it wasn’t too difficult; it was more of a preparation met opportunity thing for me because I’ve been preparing for that my whole life to be honest. I adapted to it easily,” Dwight added.

Touring with the band was unlike anything else for him. A number of young persons can only dream about this moment, but for Dwight, dreams became reality, and that, undoubtedly, is one of the best feelings in the world.

“I never experienced (something like) that in my life before; I learnt a lot. It made me realize what it feels like to be a professional musician where it’s no longer ‘anything goes’; it’s like ok, you’re here to do something to the best of your ability, so it made me step up my game. (It was about) being able to put on a performance rather than just going and play music on stage,” he explained.

What was it like working with Morgan Heritage?

Image of Dwight Florent

Dwight Florent

According to him, “being on stage that’s where it’s grind time, that’s where it’s time to get the ball moving, but as far as off the stage and being with the Heritage family, I would say that I actually was not expecting that: they actually treated me like family so I’m grateful for that. The experience on and off stage was just really good.”

Most musicians who tour with famous artistes are used to life on the road, but for him, it was different.

“We started in Europe and that was great; it was more like hotels and stuff like that, but the U.S. tour was more of living off the tour bus which was new for me so it was like oh you’re on a bus for the next 15 hours driving and stuff like that; that’s just tour life,” he explained.

After a three month long tour with the band (and then some!) Dwight’s back at home, but soon, he’ll be back on the road.

“We actually have another tour coming up in January which is two months (long) and then next month we’re going on another three or four days of shows; it’s a show called ‘Welcome to Jamrock(Reggae) Cruise’ so we go in Jamaica and then we start off from there,” he said.

Although he’s living his best life right now, make no mistake he worked hard to get there.

“Firstly I started reading a lot of books about success stories and success habits; a lot of vital books that teach you fundamental stuff that you can apply to your daily schedule. Just being able to form a habit for yourself was the main thing for me. My habit was wake up, do music, do covers, do a video; I used to schedule my days and my weeks so I’d say planning was the main thing for me; that’s one of the recipes for success,” the self-taught musician shared.

He added: “I want to actually get qualified in what I do. I want to go to school for Music Technology just to be able to have a better understanding (of) the technical side of things. And: just to be able to say that I am a guitarist; I’m this and that, but I also have my Master’s and my Associate’s Degree in Music Technology. Being able to have that title is something that I think will come in handy for me.”

From the local stage to the world stage he’s doing it all and more. The former student of the St. Lucia School of Music, Entrepot and Corinth Secondary School is now the lead guitarist for a 2x GRAMMY winning band, no doubt, an incredible feat!

(Other) Interesting Facts about Dwight

-He’s a producer. Dwight produced Sedale’s ‘Stick On You’ (in his bedroom!) and a number of other songs. He’s currently working on a song with Morgan Heritage’s backup singer.

-When he was younger he wanted to be a garbage man: (As a child) “I just used to find that fascinating; being able to hang at the back of a truck.”

-He also plays the drums and keyboard.

-He played with two local bands: Eva Lucian and Dynamix (He was the band leader in the latter).

-Favourite thing to do on a weekend: “Go out. I always like a good time because life’s too short.”

-Favourite song at the moment: ‘Lightning’ by Mortimer

-Favourite album: ‘Chronology’by Chronixx

-Fav artiste: Chronixx! PERIOD!

-Fav quote:“Do unto others as you’d like them to do unto you.”

-He played in front of an estimated 80,000 people in Spain!

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