Eco Creationz: Spicing Up Your Wardrobe and Changing Your Life!

Image of CEO Donna Hyacinth (left) and COO Jeanneal Fontenelle (right).

CEO Donna Hyacinth (left) and COO Jeanneal Fontenelle (right).

Eco Creationz just might be the next best thing. The brainchild of Donna Hyacinth, 25, Eco Creationz, focuses on making you happy—and the company has a million ways to do it.

Thinking about getting rid of your old clothes? Here’s a new idea: hand it over to Donna and Eco Creationz co-founder Jeanneal Fontenelle and they’ll leave you speechless.They’ll take your ‘ugliest’ outfits and turn it into something spectacular;something that’s just right for you.

“Eco Creationz is basically an upcycling and recycling clothing and textiles company. We want to let people know that they don’t have to throw away their clothing; they could upcycle it. There are so many things you can do with clothing: you could bring the colour back, you can turn it into a bag, a mat, rugs and more,” the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said in an interview with YO! on Tuesday, November 5.

A few years ago, an unemployed Donna didn’t know where life would take her but she knew one thing: she would create her own path.

“I was a stay-at-home mom. I was at home for almost five years. I used to work at different places when I left school, but when I had children it was difficult, becauseyou won’t get someone to watch your child for you for nothing. I had to stay home and raise my children and I was thinking about what I could do and that’s where it led me,” the mother of three said.

She loves her job and with Jeanneal by her side, it’s even better.

“Donna and I joined something called ‘Mastermind’ with brilliant entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs as well. We’d come together and we’d just think about the things that we can do and the things that can push us; that’s how we met,” Jeanneal, who was also present, shared.

“I had a partner before and she wasn’t that serious so I was praying and I was like ‘I need somebody with ambition, you know someone like me.’ For some reason she came to mind; she was always saying she wants to start her business and she also has that passion for the environment so I was like ‘I think she’s the perfect person’so I called her and asked her,” Donna, a former student of Gros Islet Secondary School added.

Naturally, Jeanneal was eager to come on board and Donna was ecstatic when she heard her response.

“I’m the marketing head andthe social media person. I also think of some of the ideas for our designs; I just make sure everything is intact. From where we were seven months ago to where we are now, the improvement has just been so tremendous and it’s because of the team work really and truly,” Jeanneal stated.

The job is not always easy, however. Juggling Eco Creationz, as well as her job as a front desk agent at a leading hotel in Saint Lucia, is tough for the 21-year-old.

“It is very challenging but when I think of Donna juggling three children plus Eco Creationz and side activities, I just can’t complain. It’s something I’m passionate about,” she said.

Their chemistry is undeniable. The two mesh well and this, undoubtedly, is great for business.

According to Donna, “It’s exciting but nerve-wracking at the same time; you need to get out of your comfort zone in order to reach where you want to go, however. There are a lot of things I wouldn’t do and Jeanneal would push me to do it. That’s why teamwork actually works. Without Jeanneal there’s no Eco Creationz, without me there is no Eco Creationz, so the two of us we are Eco Creationz.”

“I love everything about what I do,” she stated.

As for her business partner? Jeanneal, a graduate of St. Joseph’s Convent and Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, added:“When it comes to our business I just love seeing something being revamped into something new. It’s just about seeing how we can improve the environment and make it look as fashionable as possible.”

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