Jounen Kwéyòl: A Recap

The month of October brought much excitement. By October 1st, most Saint Lucians were in high spirits as Jounen Kwéyòl (the heart of Saint Lucian culture) was approaching. Schools, business places, homes, and vehicles were decked out with madras and individuals wore stylish madras pieces. The infectious Kwéyòl music brightened the atmosphere and persons relished every moment.

Jounen Kwéyòl was truly a treasure, and Saint Lucians, both young and old, welcomed her with open arms. On Friday October 25, it seemed as if teachers and employers were a little more lenient and it wasn’t hard to see why—they just couldn’t help themselves.

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On October 27, (Kwéyòl Sunday) persons were smiling from cheek to cheek as they eagerly made their way to the Jounen Kwéyòl venues. The smells of bakes and acras, greenfigs and saltfish, ‘sardine woti’, crab callaloo, local bread, pork and more, greeted persons on arrival and they ran to it.

It was a taste of Saint Lucia and perhaps, Saint Lucia at its best. Diets were tossed aside and persons danced gleefully, laughed wholeheartedly, and ateand chatted just a little more on that Sunday.

Although the Kwéyòl festivities brought much joy to some, others admitted that they were letdown. These individuals emphasized that Saint Lucian culture wasn’t highlighted enough; modern looking tents in Beausejour and Vieux Fort (two official venues for Creole Day) were a turn off to some. Others longed to see activities like river washing,games, and “true” local performances.

A number of persons expressed their disappointments on platforms like Facebook and stated that they hoped next year would be better.

In Choiseul, however, things were different. Choiseul(also an official venue for Kwéyòl) attempted to give persons just what they were looking for and more. Local crafts, naturally, were highlighted in the ‘craft capital’; booths were covered with coconut palms and the stage too was decked out with madras and surrounded by the palms.

Entertainers like Midnight Groovers, WCK, Meshach Nestor and more, brought the community to life and for a number of persons that was the icing on the cake.

Manmay, Kwéyòl lafini and we’re hoping you made the best of it.

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