So Fellas Cyah Cook and Clean Too? Stop Raising Lazy Fellas!

Nowadays mun relying on girls to do everyting for them: cook, clean and all kindating. As you see me deh I eh have to rely on nobody to cook a nice fig and backs for me. When you see I peel my greenfig and season my meat eh…gasa!!!! Once I done, I throwing a lil pepper on that and I washing that dong with a lime squash same speed.

You think is me they cutting style on? Get summa dem vex uh and you’ll see. To see some fellas with dehlil Shirley biscuit and juice or a lil bake and chicken cuzthey leave them high and dry. Me? Kotay ah?

Summa dem have to go by their mother when their girlfriend get upset. One thing I love my Queen eh. My mudda make sure she show me how to cook and do everyting a woman can do because she know they like that coumuh. You eh see how nice it is when you cook a lil bouillon or a lil mac and cheese for your gf? If she vex with you she forgetting about that one time e… Her face lighting up like a Christmas tree!

Just imagine if is you that had to do dishes, wash clothes, fold clothes, cook and everything else. You eh fink your mouth woulda be stretch from Monday to Sunday?

They have mun that doh want to do no kinda work. So wah you deh for? Style? Padna tings does go outta style fast. You eh see how dem girls changing their clothes and their hair fast? Westay lar.

Gasa when I have my son I have to show mate how to cook properly, cut grass, clean the house… tout baguy! Mar vlay pyes ti muh my ki feh-yuh.

Mind you my daughter have to come proper too eh! You cyah go and abuse nobody son. If you cooking, he cleaning, if he cleaning the yard, you have to bring di mun his jug of juice, if you ironing, he chopping the meat… BALANCE! You check it?

I hear too many people in relationships complaining already! Meanwhile I single like a Pringle but that’s for another show.

By: Basic B

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