So Men Cyah Wear Wigs?

So… the other day LeBron James wig almost fall on the court wee. SOOKOU!!!! Mate padna had to check on him quick cuz mate dun see LeBron was about to embarrass himself. Gasa if that had fall on the floor I self too would have been on the floor, no joke!

Now one ting, women like to wear their wigs eh. When you see dem in tong just give dem room! A lil pong of backs they come and buy but they looking like they going to Queen Show. Woman is di best e…

I self I like to see a woman with weave, I eh go lie. Not dem shiny curly tings that looking like ramen eh, the nice ones. And before your’ll come and gimme chat just know I love natural hair too; I eh like dem other men that cyah accept black features.

But anyway… let’s talk about what you came here for: men wearing wigs. Nowadays fellas wearing wigs and they eh hiding that at all. They even wearing fake bab too. Mun not shobbing in 2019 I tell you! All we have to do is go to a barber shop, make di barber glue that dong with a special kinda glue and we good.

To see girls on Facebook when they ask them if they could date a fella that wearing a wig: “Me???? How is me uh??? I eh dating no mun with hair piece!!!”

One fing the hypocrisy strong with your’ll eh? Your’ll sit dong deh hard with fake hair on your’ll head but it’s a problem when mun want to set up themselves. Avaitay. So if a mun have a patch in his bab or the middle of his head shining like joke, you telling me di mun cyah put a lil wig or spray to feel more confident?

Mun like Snoop Dogg, Katt Williams and Andre 3000 used to make cold press look good back in the day. If mun wear that today they finish self!

We eh asking your’ll to go that far though: we doh want hair spray or cold press; we just want to fix our beard and our bald spots. If your’ll can accept fellas that wearing Just 4 Men (dem fake jerry curl ting) your’ll can accept our lil wig.

Doh be ashamed of your boyfriend my girl. Help di mun glue dat dong! Wham to you? Now if that fall in public, cross the road and say you eh know mate eh!

Look Tory Lanez just fix his hair line deh. Your’ll cyah give di mun jokes again. Now Tory and Tyga just have to hook LeBron up cuz Bron out here embarrassing us.

By: Basic B

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