Wah You Doing If Your Boyfriend Propose to You with a Cheap Ring?

So you waiting for your boyfriend to propose to you sinceeeee the day. In fact, your’ll been together nine years and you done get tired of waiting already. Then one day he starts acting suspicious. You swear you catch him hiding something but he say it’s nothing. That on your mind like joke and you swear di mun cheating.

Next thing you know, your girlfriend tells you she saw him at a jewellery store. Aa, you happy like a birthday! Finally he proposing! By now you know there’s no other girl, he just didn’t want you to see the ring. You start making plans… the man eh propose yet eh, but you done go online already to see which outfit you’ll be wearing.You call your family members and friends to tell them John proposing and you done make plans to do your nails already because your nails cyah look wahssy. You just ready for the big day!

Now one thing you impatient eh. Every time you dressing up because you swear they proposing to you. One night they tell you let’s go out and you dress up how much and di mun himself surprised. Still they eh propose to you. You VEX. “Wham to you babe?” “NUFFING EH HAPPEN TO ME, CHPS!” Ou parway pou muhjay nom lar. Then you check yourself. You want di mun to propose to you so you cyah display any bad attitude. “Nothing happen to me uh babe,” you say and you make sure you say that real nice. You buttering him up like hot bread from Armor bakery.

Finally the day comes…. Your’ll having dinner and mate pull out a box. Your heart go in shock! Luckily you dress up real nice there and you tell yourself is a good thing too cuz your clothes had almost run out already. Mate go on one knee: “Babe will you marry me?” You done start crying… then he opens the box: a “marjee”. That small parsaykee. Now you really mad… but you in a restaurant and you don’t want to act stupid next thing people say you ungrateful and they put you on Facebook. You say yes to the engagement and start faking happiness but every  time you watching the ring. One time you swear the diamond on the ring fall then you check it deh. Small that small so.

Now mind you, from day one you know you had a lil struggling man but because you see people flexing on Instagram you want that too. You want to pressure di mun to do this and that when you know he cyah afford it. You self want to depend on the man for everything and expect him to carry the world on his back.Your salary eh big eh… but for you dah eh nothing. But the fact that his salary small getting on your nerves. You know di mun eh have money but you want him to make money appear like he’s some kinda wizard.

Lemme tell your’ll something ladies… there’s nothing wrong with a struggling man. Not every man can be Bill Gates, you check it. If your fella love you for real, doh leave him for man that making you gwee-year cuz he have money. Doh do marjee with yourself. I eh saying all rich fellas not good eh.All I’m saying is doh leave one relationship just because of money. If is that alone that’s the issue..you eh love di mun. (So what will happen if the rich man runoutta money?)

There’s nothing wrong with wanting your partner to bring in a lil extra sum, sum. If he have a talent and he eh using it you can encourage him to do that. You can even come up with a likkle business idea for the two of your’ll too. But doh make the man feel like he’s nothing just because you materialistic; doh go and make the man take big loan just cuz you want to show off your big wedding on ig when you know he cyah afford it. Doh do that. Is best you take a loan for a small business instead. Everybody want to be wife but not everybody is wife material… I always say that! You want to be wife? Start acting like it!

By: Basic B

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