A reset in your life is often needed

A reset in your life is often needed just so you can come better and stronger “the next time around”. I recently came off a well-deserved vacation and although this year I didn’t high tail it out of the island for a colder, less green climate, I thoroughly enjoyed my time away from the hustle and bustle at the office.

During that time I gained a new sense of appreciation for the word, reset. A long time ago some told me that it is important to take time off from a busy schedule for the sole purpose of rest and relaxation, today, a few years later I understand the reason why perfectly.

Have you ever watched something from a distance and come up with all sorts of ideas that can make said subject better? Take for example, sports, how many of us have chastised a team, coach, or manager with the tactics employed? You rage about a different strategy that should have happened instead and wonder why they couldn’t see the glaring errors but you did.

Sometimes when you’re in the situation and the pressure is on, it is difficult to not have tunnel vision especially if you have a specific plan for a certain situation. You will be reluctant to switch to a different untested idea for fear of failure.

That’s where the reset is important. Taking a step back and analyzing things from various points of view just might give you a different perspective on dealing with a daunting situation. The results derived from such a bold step augers well for all parties involved, since it is guaranteed to end with a victory. Such a victory will surely add some well-earned leadership points within your circle.

Don’t be afraid to push that reset button once in a while. Sometimes the person you have to impress and will impress with your leadership qualities is you.

Have a great day ya’ll and God bless.
Scady. P

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