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With a smile, determination and certainly grace, Dancehall DJ Spice has built an empire from the bricks thrown at her throughout her 20-year career. From an impressive music catalogue to international TV stints, a wig line and brand ambassadorships Spice is the epitome of hard work and perseverance. The new queen of Dancehall, a far cry from her initial introduction on the stage of “The Greatest One Night Show on Earth”, Sting 1999 says above all she is humbled.

Now matured and certainly the curator of her brand, Grace Hamilton, a mother of two, is not only a lyrical geniusbut a seasoned entrepreneur. Led by the determination to provide the best possible life for her children Nicholas and Nicholatoy, the Queen of Stage believe her engaging and chronic performances make every Spice show worthy of critical acclaim.

“For me, I believe props make the difference, every performance is completely planned out to the last detail. I research my audience, what songs are hot where and how to arrange my set. I absolutely adore my fans and so it is my duty to ensure that when they attend a show, they enjoy themselves thoroughly,” explained Spice.

Describing her rise to the top as very challenging, the ardent performer credits her early musical influences Professor Nuts, Bounty Killer and Ninja Man for her style and performance demeanor. Making the decision to pursue music full time, early in the year 2000, the now 20 year veteran has successfully cemented her name in the history books, dethroning Bob Marley atop the Reggae Charts with her Captured mix tape and Black Hypocrisy single in 2018

Captured the mix tape and Black Hypocrisy was something I had to do to bring awareness to something that has affected me my entire life. Colour prejudice among black people is almost crippling. We tend to use someone’s color against them and downplay the beauty of their natural melanin. Black hypocrisy was my attempt to break that cycle,” she continued.

Image of Spice


No stranger to controversy and making headlines globally, the artiste recently debuted her latest project ‘Tables Turn’ which is set to challenge men with the idea of an alternate universe.

“ The man dem nah go like this but it needs to be done. What if the tables turn, what if the women decide to return the treatment we’ve been given, would the men be able to handle that if the shoe is on the other foot. That’s definitely going to get them talking” she explained

On her professional accomplishments, Spice admits it has been a long walk to the top, but describes her love affair with music as the perfect match. Not denying her appreciation of business she shares “had it not been music I would have been a chartered accountant. I always loved math but not just any math, money! Even now, I have to keep a strong head on my shoulders to check where the money is going, how much I make, who gets what”.

The new face of Magnum Tonic Wine in the region, the dancehall impresser adds feminine flair and flavor to the brand. The freshly minted ambassador will represent the brand across key markets including St. Lucia, Guyana and Trinidad.

“The partnership with Magnum is the perfect fusion because Magnum is Spice and Spice is Magnum. The Magnum tagline says Tek Charge and I know how to tek charge. I’ve been in music business for 20 years and Magnum has been on the market for 20 years. The mix feels effortless and natural and I couldn’t be any happier or more proud to represent” she gushed.

Hoping to effect positive change in the regional music industry, Spice says her one wish would be to remove the infighting between artistes.

By: Toni-Ann Latty

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