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Image of local artiste Sean Henry and singer/producer Clent Mitchel, A.K.A. Islands

local artiste Sean Henry and singer/producer Clent Mitchel, A.K.A. Islands

The first time we heard the beat we were hooked. Then, we heard the singing; ‘Fire’, an infectious single by local artiste Sean Henry and singer/producer Clent Mitchel, A.K.A. Islands, is undoubtedly on the next level. The single was released on November 14, and already, it’s receiving rave reviews.

On Friday November 29, the pair stopped by our office to discuss their latest hit and more; FYI there are more hits in store!

Here’s how it all started according to Sean.

“We’re neighbours.  His little sister had a birthday party and he was with his friends playing the guitar. They were singing and I said‘I could sing too’, but they didn’t believe me at all; they started to play a song and I started singing and they were (truly surprised).”

“He used to come over all the time and we would be in the studio and any chance we got that’s where you’d find us,” Islands revealed.

They share an immeasurable love for music and as a result, their work is top-tier.

“I started producing two years ago and I opened my recording studio in December of last year. My dad owned a band named ‘Chant a Fire’ a long time ago so I was always around music. I’ve been playing guitar for a long time,” Islands, also the 2018 Youth Fest winner, shared.

He’s immensely talented and ambitious. The CEO of The Audio Lab in Vieux Fort is looking to bring out the best in local artistes and already, he’s on the right track.

“Sean is my first artiste under The Audio Lab. The Audio Lab is not just a recording studio; now it’s a label, so in the future I’ll be looking to sign more artistes,” he added.

The two have collaborated on a number of occasions and they don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

Image of local artiste Sean Henry

Local artiste Sean Henry

On ‘Party Tyme’ and ‘Loco’ they certainly deliver, but on ‘Fire’, they’re arguably at their best.

“That one was done more on a professional level. It wasn’t just like we’re doing a song, and then we’re just going to release it; we had promotion behind it and all of that.Basically throughout the two years I’ve been sitting back and learning a lot and with that single that he released, I wanted to make sure that it was done properly so that everyone could know it (and) everyone could get it,” Islands stated.

What inspired their latest hit?

According to  Sean, “We were in the studio and Islands gave me a beat and he was like ‘ok Sean what’d you want to talk about?’ (Initially) I really wanted to talk about progress and working hard and stuff, but that didn’t work out, because when he gave me the flow, no matter what, a girl came about, so I said you know what, let’s go with the flow.”

And so, ‘Fire’ was born.

“Fire has been recorded three times on three different beats, three different ways,” Islands revealed.

“(For a while) we were lost on ideas. I left the beat running, I fell asleep on a couch and Sean was still in the booth vibing. I woke up and I was like ‘Sean, I have it!’ That’s the thing I like about Sean: until it’s not perfect (and that’s something about me too), it’s not going out. We never settle for less; we always (aim) for the best,” he added.

“Everybody told me that the song was different so I just liked the fact that I was different and people liked that type of different,” Sean, 17, said.

The Afro-Pop track is hard to resist.

Islands, 21, describes it perfectly: “As soon as you hear it, it puts you in the mood. No matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, when you hear the song your day will be made, I promise you.”

The pair complement each other in and out of studio.

According to Islands, “We feed off each other’s energy and when we’re in the studio, it’s a vibe always.”

“I will go to the studio and I would think of a flow and he would just remaster that flow and it will come out much, much better. He’s constantly in it. When I’m at school he’s in the studio so he’s always listening to new things, always getting ideas, so he’s more creative,” Sean added.

“We just want to show people it’s possible to do it yourself and get everybody’s attention. Basically what I’m saying is a lot of musicians tend to be like that person is not checking on me, etc. but in reality it has to start with you. (For instance) Sean could be the best producer ever. He will come and give me one thing, but it’s up to me to actually take it and make that into something,” he said in closing.

Fun fact via Islands: “If you see me in an interview tapping my foot constantly just know I have a melody in my head and I just don’t want it to go!”

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