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Eddison Layne

Eddison Layne is a young entrepreneur who owns a vegan food service called Cardinal Vegan Cuisine. This nineteen-year-old hails from the community of Corinth Estate. Eddison is an executive member of the Saint Lucia National Youth Council where he serves as the organization’s Public Relations Officer.

From an early age, Eddison always believed in the spirit of entrepreneurship, having been a member of the Junior Achievers initiative at the Grand Riviere Primary School. His interest was always to pursue a career in business because of the level of discipline and creativity which such a career requires.

He went onto St. Mary’s College where he became involved in youth leadership. During the RBC Young Leaders Programme, Eddison made significant strides towards youth leadership. He proceeded to serve as the President of the SMC Young Leaders. Upon completing his tenure at the St. Mary’s College, Eddison had achieved many accolades including: Young Leader of the Year 2016, Ranking School Prefect and Spirit of St. Mary’s College.

During this period, he acknowledged one of his biggest personal transitions, to follow a vegan lifestyle. To Eddison this represented knowing and owning our bodies by dictating what we eat and why we do it. Pursuance of this new lifestyle brought about a new sense of awareness. Eddison’s views began to align with that of environmentalists who often speak of our relationships with the places that we inhabit and how we interact with nature. Eddison felt that in addition to physical benefits, this lifestyle raised significant concern for the world around him.

From there, he began cooking more frequently, and “meal prepping” for the school week. He recalls sampling the vegan and ‘Ital’ cuisine prepared by professionals and practicing in his spare time to perfect his own. Weekend meal prep was just one of the disciplines that assisted him during his transition.

Upon leaving secondary school Eddison moved on to working at a local vegan restaurant called ‘Livity Foods’ at the age of seventeen. Initially, he prepared raw vegan desserts and smoothies. Soon after he graduated into doing more complex tasks in the kitchen, as his overall interest deepened. Eddison began to immerse himself more and more in this craft during his time working, discovering his genuine love for vegan cuisine. Though to him this style of cooking contains much more delicate aspects than traditional cooking, he remained intrigued by the exotic flavours that he continued to explore. He continued to learn from the environment and eventually created their very first breakfast menu. Within this time, Eddison practiced even more on his own to develop a personal style of cooking. While being employed at Livity, Eddison co-hosted a popular radio programme called Livity in 5 where he became popularly known as ‘Prophet Eddison’. Additionally, Eddison, on many occasions was the co-host of the popular television programme ‘Livity’ with the honourable Priest Kailash, where he spoke on not only veganism, but biochemistry, nutrition and world affairs. Priest Kailash served as a mentor for Eddison.

Eddison later moved on to continue his personal development in a different environment. He moved on to engaging in more personal studies while continuing to develop his own style of vegan cooking. He wanted to do something which appealed to vegans and non-vegans alike, and hoped to introduce more exotic vegan flavours. Due to popular demand, Cardinal Vegan Cuisine was created as a means to bring these ideas to life. As of now, he caters to his clients’ needs by providing flavourful and nutritious vegan meals at an affordable price.

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