St. Mary’s College Students Give back

Around this time most of the young boys and girls are looking forward to what will be under their Christmas tree on Christmas Day. Very few are wary about the challenges others face around this time and how much of a not so merry Christmas many people have.

With that in mind, the young boys from 1r41 of the St. Mary’s College together with their teacher, Mr. Walter Berkley, put together two hampers which will be delivered to two families in the hope of making their Christmas a little brighter.

In keeping with the Theological Virtues explained in the Twelve Days of Christmas, the class representative, Jaiden Jerome, expressed gratitude and was elated with his classmates who all contributed to ensure the two families had a Merry Christmas. The decision, he said, lauded to the Christmas season, which is one for giving and ensuring families are happy throughout the holidays.

The first family gifted a hamper is a single parent household with nine children, four of whom are currently at school. Sadly, they are still coming to terms with losing their mom who passed away last month. The second is a nuclear family (4 children) with the sole bread winner (dad) working assiduously to provide for the family.

Against all odds, the children are model students and are very active in class and school activities.

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