The Nutcracker by Emerge Ballet and Modern Dance

Sunday Dec 1, was not to be missed.  An adaptation of ‘Clara’s Dream’ from ‘The Nutcracker’ was expertly choreographed and artistically directed by Jhuliett Chalo Petrocelli of Emerge Ballet and Modern Dance at St. Joseph’s Convent.

The dance numbers by the Chinese dancers and Bonbons were done well. It was evident how much the little ones enjoyed being on stage in their beautiful costumes.

There was gorgeous dancing from the Sugar Plum Fairy (Jhuliett Chalo Petrocelli) who executed the challenging Act II divertissements with clear lines and effortless control.

The Nutcracker, the dancing flowers and the Arab dancers brought a level of maturity not always seen in dance productions in St Lucia.  Indeed, the whole cast danced well. Save for a few stumbles, the work sat comfortably on the company and remains a great playback.

The choreography, costuming, colours, and stage props made this event bright, fresh, enjoyable, entertaining and confident.

“It was a great kick start for the season and a memory to cherish for a lifetime! It was fun for the kids (and) that’s what we enjoyed most! So happy all turned out wonderful! Looking forward to more productions,” one event-goer said.

According to another attendee, “The production was wonderful and expertly put together. The technical skills of teacher Jhuliett is incredible. Our girls are lucky to have her. They can (only) get better from here so the future looks bright! Congrats to the team and big congrats to the girls!”

This production was an intriguing glimpse of what the future holds for Emerge Ballet and Modern Dance.

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