There are so many positives one can derive from just talking

There are so many positives one can derive from just talking. The hot button topic of the day is depression and how one can help their loved one overcome the fight or mood disorder. Talking to someone like your friend or family member is often considered a safer alternative if the individual is reluctant to seek professional help.

We have, over the past few days seen many videos, all of which are now viral of individuals handling disagreements with sharp, dangerous objects. In one video, we saw two women in a heated quarrel in a small community. Bottles were hurled and cutlasses brandished with several threats and insults exchanged in the melee. Thankfully, with quick thinking by the citizenry, the two were disarmed after they fell over each other in an attempt to make good on their threats.

We can’t forget the biggest story from week before. A young school girl was mercilessly whipped and verbally abused for using shoes that didn’t belong to her. The owner of the shoes, a family member and the one administering the rod of correction has since been arrested and charged and the whipped student was the recipient of a Good Samaritan or Samaritans’ kindness. She was gifted three pairs of shoes, perfect for school and her aunt, well according to news reports is now out on bail after pleading guilty.

The end result of some of the incidents mentioned above is never one that has a smile. You surely won’t feel good knowing that you are about to spend the rest of your 2019 in jail or worse, dead. Yet, we only worry about such repercussions after the damage has been done. Some of us are so high on an ego trip that to pull back and think about talking things over is going to show a sign of weakness. I bet however you would rather be weak knowing that your conscience is free as opposed to sitting in a cell waiting for a court hearing to answer to murder charges.

Why am I so keen on talking, well according to “talking about your problems can release contained feelings. Talking to someone outside of the situation may help you to find a solution to the problem.” This will always win in my books.

Have a great day ya’ll and God Bless.

Scady. P

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