Touch My Chile and You Go See!

“Touch my chile and you go see.” Nuff times we hear parents say that already. I self done say that too mind you, and I eh even have chile. Typical Looshan couma. We always ready to take the front.

Now you done know what I here to talk about. Everybody and their grandmother done talk about the lady that beat the school girl but I have to give my two cents too, ou jhar sav.

So I’ll get straight to the point and say like most persons, I eh agree with what that lady did at allll. Even though it wasn’t “just a pair of shoes” that still eh right.

I eh have no problem with family disciplining children, but they have a way to do tings and what we saw online deh just wasn’t it. I self feel like the girl did that just because she could. All up in the chile face like that… that’s one time I would say “if it was my chile eh!!!”Hmmph!!!

Now dah eh mean we (those of us that upset) agree with what the child did eh. But come on nah… you know children already… as a matter of fact some of us did things too when we were small! We not saying doh correct the chile, but sister, beating the chile with a stick and BULLYING her like that just not right!!!

People have to remember being an adult does not make you right all the time. A lot of us like to act big and bad and we like to tell children fings, but that eh mean we right.  Some of us neverrrr want to admit when we wrong but if you want a child to do what is right, and admit when they wrong, you have to do the same couma. WAH YOU FEEL?!

Now one thing I eh like is how Looshans can call people a bully and turn around and bully that same person the next second. Your’ll really hypocrite e. The minute ya’ll eh like somebody, your’ll insulting deh looks and everyting…. So you telling me, you eh check that makes you a bully too?

So how you better than the person? What you teaching the chile?

There’s nutting wrong with calling somebody out when they doing a marjee masiay, but make sure that’s all you doing. I know some of your’ll like to read my column because it fulla soaps, but I like to give good advice too, you check it.

Now as for the donations the child receive, I happy about it but I eh totally agree with that sharing on Facebook ting. We doh always have to publicize the good we do. If you want to help somebody, help them and dassit. Most times the person will even tell others what you do, so you eh even have to say nutting at all. I know some people just wanted to show the girl love and show the “aunty” that bad turned out for good, but still…

By the wayyyy I just hopeee the classmates eh giving her jokes eh!!! Bor!!!!!! Cuz I self go reach in the school to lecture your’ll same speed!

By: Basic B

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