I am in distress, more than perplexed.

There is no hope for me

I’ve tried everything that seems to be right in my eyes.

It’s like I progress for a while, but after I start to get weary turning cold and dry.

I’m getting frustrated because I’m tired of these lies.


I’m lost like a goat that is not right in the head.

I look to every direction on the compass, but still can’t seem to find the way to the journey that lies ahead.

Some people tried to make me believe that I could never be prepared.

I’m so confused not knowing that I have to lift up my head.


When I’m by myself I feel so discouraged to just break down and cry.

I felt that there was no one in whom I could rely.

But something began erupting in me that began boosting up my spirit telling me that I am not alone.

My pain along with my depression has been overthrown.


My God, why have you forgotten me?

What did I do that you would turn away from me?

No! No! You have never left, for you are my liberty.

Whether it be physically or spiritually, nothing can separate your love for me.


Nothing above nor things below can put it asunder.

Your love is so great that the wicked have to wonder.

They often ask what is the force that protects him like a barrier.

This barrier is Jesus, the author and finisher of everything I stand for.

By: Joneil Wells

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